Legend of Coleslaw Deeps and The Mystic Lure

After his father went missing months ago a boy fishes at the docks his father left from every night hoping he will return. One day a bottle drifts ashore and in it he finds a message.

“I am The Fisherman Greasy Barbadoss!!!! I have been eating by a great sea creature but am somehow still alive!!! Please tell my son Jim of Coleslaw Village his pops is alright but to send for help! I am at the bottom of the Terrible Trench! in the South Salt Sea”

Unable to believe what he has found Jim rushes to the local sage cat for guidance.
“Ahh yes. The Terrible Trench. I believe I have something that can help you get to the bottom of this. This lure I came across in my travels has had a spell cast on it. If a fish eats it you can enter it’s mind and control it. Use it to descend to the bottom of the trench and force the fish that ate your father to surface once more.”

With his rod, reel and new lure Jim sets off to find his father.

Use the arrow keys, wasd, or d-pad (no stick) on a controller to steer

Spacebar or controller button(A/B/X/Y/Triangle/Circle/Square) to dash

You have limited magic, catch the monster fish at the bottom and return to the surface before it runs out.

Dashing and collisions reduce your magic.

Being eaten by a larger fish and eating smaller fish will restore your magic.

Find your dad before he gets digested!

Art by ReturnToBaconLake
Music by Wesslyn https://wesslyn.bandcamp.com/album/songs-to-sail-to
Programming by Dwemthy

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Fishing with a Magic Lure


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Comments (4)

3 months ago

would be nice to have the platform icons on the itch.io page and the file names being short enough and labeled so one knew which version to download. ended up downloading multiple files trying to find the Linux version.

text scrolled by on the intro faster then I could read it.

it wasn't clear what the goal was (I just sort of guessed go down)… Getting yourself eaten definately wasn't clear at first happened by accident more then anything else. Some sort of, you should go up now, when you get the whale thing would have been helpful.

The graphics were good, the lighting had some odd effects that made it hard to make out some stuff.

3 months ago

Added those icons on the itch.io page. Did not include any kind of guide, glad you figured out the goal.

3 months ago

Neat twist on the fish-eating game.

The graphics and music are not bad, the sound effects are cute. The lighting effects were interesting, though at the very bottom (once I got the biggest fish), going underneath the bottom world border made the black border glitch out. In addition it wasn't very clear that I actually got the final fish, I was hoping for bigger and bigger fish!

Controls felt a bit sluggish. Bumping into the spiky fish with the final fish seemed odd, since I expected to be able to eat them.

There were some performance issues especially during the intro, but perhaps that's just my oldish laptop. (Running the Mac build.)

2 months ago

Hey, this was cool! Really satisfying when comming up with the monster and eating all the smaller fish :D I also think this was an original take on the theme! Maybe it would have been nice to add the control instructions somewhere whithin the game, but by reading the game description it was clear how to play and what was the goal.

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