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An action game based on reflexes and spellcasting
Wardens of Magic
by OddvarLookus
Karma: 101 Team
Platform-writing game where you can cast a spell by writing it!
by havana24
Karma: 87 Solo
Teleport your way out of the castle
Illustrious Escape
by Juutis, M2tias, bradur
Karma: 104 Team
Spell casting, literally...
Can You Even
by Antti Haavikko
Karma: 67 Solo
fight stuff in a forest or something
Spellcaster's Forest
by DaFluffyPotato
Karma: 80 Solo
Being the BBEG gets tiring, how about crafting scrolls instead ?
Your Friendly Neighborhood Warlock
by Ashtrail
Karma: 93 Solo
A strategic combat game with magic
by puarsliburf
Karma: 90 Solo
It's your final magic exam, cast spells and solve puzzles.
by innomin
Karma: 91 Solo
A small platformer with a bit of magic.
by ToffieBoey
Karma: 85 Solo
Club Of The Living Wizardists
by elZach
Karma: 82 Solo
Fast-paced mini-game grimoire
You are the Grimoire
by Aurel300
Karma: 103 Solo
Uncover the sigils of the circle.
by HuvaaKoodia
Karma: 95 Solo
2-Player versus, Arena spell ricocheting mayhem!
by Ztuu, KeithorKeith
Karma: 122 Team
Cast spells on a couple looking to bring more sugar and spice into their love life!
Dr. Ramoura's Fin-tastic Dates
by birdpun, Phill Damaskin
Karma: 85 Team
Be a battle wizard!
by sebastianscaini, EternalStormfire
Karma: 88 Team
2D Platform where you can use only one magic to prevail
Cast, Die, Repeat
by inacho_, CrookedLemons, Shoble
Karma: 88 Team
Keep You are the healer in the team. You keep them alive.
Keep Them Alive
by xilentor
Karma: 95 Solo
You canĀ“t choose which spell you cast. Fight your way through the enemy hordes
The Awakening
by Filo, Chandalf, FunkyNice
Karma: 77 Team
Battle your friend with magic!
by Sammy6
Karma: 93 Solo
2D dungeon-crawler with story about the fallen one
The Escape
by n!ghtmare, Renn
Karma: 104 Team