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2-Player versus, Arena spell ricocheting mayhem!
by Ztuu, KeithorKeith
Karma: 122 Team
A short piece of Interactive Fiction
The Wizard's Duel
by maartene
Karma: 115 Unranked
Let's hack the internet
Hacker's Revenge
by Sizelem, TheCobaye54
Karma: 110 Team
Combinational spellcasting game
Trifecta caster
by LaudemPax
Karma: 108 Unranked
Amazing card spellcasting game
Unlimited Wizard Magic Duel
by gechy, javucha
Karma: 107 Team
Combine elements together to produce different spells in this arena survival game.
Super Laser Wizard 3000
by ValdeTheAssetMan, Baconinvader
Karma: 107 Team
Cast spells, help people, earn a living!
Spell Shop
by thomastc
Karma: 106 Solo
Teleport your way out of the castle
Illustrious Escape
by Juutis, M2tias, bradur
Karma: 104 Team
2D dungeon-crawler with story about the fallen one
The Escape
by n!ghtmare, Renn
Karma: 104 Team
Fast-paced mini-game grimoire
You are the Grimoire
by Aurel300
Karma: 103 Solo
The locals are in need of more than just tea, use your magic to make them extra happy!
What's the tea?
by half-half
Karma: 102 Unranked
Fishing with a Magic Lure
Legend of Coleslaw Deeps and The Mystic Lure
by dwemthy, returntobaconlake
Karma: 102 Team
An action game based on reflexes and spellcasting
Wardens of Magic
by OddvarLookus
Karma: 101 Team
by Cato
Karma: 99 Solo
Destroy the monsters before they get you
by Thrainsa, BalBoom
Karma: 98 Team
an unfinished gritty cyberpunk deck building game
Unfinished CyberMagician
by amras0000
Karma: 97 Unranked
Spellcasting is the only way out
by nightdy, Alfrheim, Archel, killerrabbitt
Karma: 97 Team
a top-down shooter where you control the minds of your enemies!
by paperaero
Karma: 97 Solo
A very prententious game about making a cuppa tea.
To See, With Eyes Not Mine
by remco
Karma: 95 Unranked
Keep You are the healer in the team. You keep them alive.
Keep Them Alive
by xilentor
Karma: 95 Solo