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Done! 0

puarsliburf 10 months ago

My game, Climbing Willmore Tower, is complete!

Even if I couldn't add all of the stuff I had planned I'm still really pleased with how this turned out.

24 hours left, game starting to take shape 0

puarsliburf 10 months ago

My platformer is starting to take shape. I have a system for moving between rooms on both the inside and the outside of a tower (with the outside being based on games like nautilus)

I'm in 0

puarsliburf 10 months ago

Here we go again!

I'll be using the following stuff:

  • GameMaker: Studio 1.4 or 2 (depending on the theme) for code and (probably) graphics
  • Bosca Ceoil or LMMS for music (or cgMusic if I don't have time)
  • Bfxr for sfx

WizBiz is finished! 0

puarsliburf 1 year ago

My little strategic combat game is finished!

You help a wizard retrieve a magical chalice by fighting his way through a series of encounters.

Menu and Tutorial 0

puarsliburf 1 year ago

My game now has a title screen and a tutorial. This means that all I have left to do now if to add a game over screen and a win screen.

Less than a quarter of the time left, first signs of gameplay 0

puarsliburf 1 year ago

A vast majority of the time has passed and I have just now managed to create something that any sane person would actually call a game.

Most of the graphics seen here were originally meant as placeholders, but I doubt I'll have enough time to make replacements

I'm in! (and a bit late) 0

puarsliburf 1 year ago

Might have misremembered when this thing actually starts a bit, hehe…

On the bright side, I've already got an outline for an idea, so that's a bit of time saved.


  • GameMaker: Studio 2
  • BFXR
  • Bosca Ceoil If I have time, cgMusic if I don't

"The (Almost Finished) Adventures of Grägoy" is "done"! 1

puarsliburf 2 years ago

My old-school adventure game a-la Space Quest 1 isn't exactly done but I ran out of time. You can play it and beat it but there are no sound effects and the ending's not perfect.

You play as an alien who has managed to corrupt the map data on his ship computer and can't see where the planets are. To recover the data and get home you have to collect memory cards containing shards of the map and go to the different planets as you find them.

It can be played here

Start of last day report: 1

puarsliburf 2 years ago

Oooh, nelly it's getting stressful!

On the positive side, my map's almost done!

I just have to polish the news studio and space place and add an end screen.

On the other hand my gameplay at the moment pretty much consists of this:

I have the base to make the actual game now, but not much else.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish this on time.

Basic idea and string splitting! 2

puarsliburf 2 years ago

Jam started quite late here so I couldn't get much done yesterday, however I did have time to do some brainstorming and I have decided to make an adventure game with a Space Quest 1-esque text parser where you travel through space, recovering corrupted map data to find your way home.

I've also gotten basic movement working and written a string splitting function as GameMaker doesn't come with one.

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