The Escape


You drink your beer in local tavern as any other night, when stranger opens the doors with great struggle. The moment you spot him, you give him helping hand. He tells you a story…

Listen carefuly as this might be the last thing you hear.

4 levels == 4 boss fights


{WASD} - Movement
{Left-Click} - Cast Spell
{1} {2 } {3} (above letters) - Select rune
{R} - Reset rune selection


  • Unity3D
  • PaintTool SAI, GIMP

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This game entered in the Team competition (21 entries).


2D dungeon-crawler with story about the fallen one





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Comments (13)

6 months ago

It crashes when I try to extract it

(@josefgazdos) • 6 months ago

It crashes when I try to extract it

Was the download completed already? I just tried to download it and extract it on other devices and worked without problems. With or without WinRAR installed.

6 months ago

Really interesting soundscapes, the game has really cool mechanic ideas, but a very clunky keys choice.
A lot of work done on various particle effects for every possible combination. GUSTOUS

(@thesunda) • 6 months ago

The music feels awesome. Gives you the tension and thickens the air/suspense around the levels.

The mechanic gets clunky sometimes. The rolling boss fight has a weird hitbox and it can hit you even being far. Thanks to the Healing spell we can survive, phew.

I loved how different enemies have resistance and weaknesses to elements and rune combinations. Makes you think before actually shooting anything. Boss battles are very cool and with different mechanics for each one.

You guys rocked!

Anonymous • 6 months ago

Hra v pohodě funguje,zvuk je v pohodě,grafika užasná,good work

6 months ago

Cool game I like the concept of mixing spells. Good job on managing to make four boss fights in two days on top of the base mechanics ! The music is very good too.

I played until the 'Jesus' boss where I got stuck, all I did was try to avoid his deadly balls of death (and since he regens his life you can't even try to play it safe). Maybe there's a strat I didn't get.

If you plan on working more on the game here are a few ideas :

  • Maybe dodging/dashing shouldn't be a spell, especially if you actively need it to survive boss encounters. Right now it's hard to switch from offense to defense
  • Some things could be clearer, for example every spell has a cooldown but on the UI it looks like it's actually mana so I was a bit confused about that. Also adding a blink on the player or a visual cue when you're hit would be really useful.
  • Lastly some hitbox seemed off, some enemies would hurt me without touching me. So a bit of tweaking may be a good idea (when it comes to hitbox, smaller is usually better than bigger).

Anyway congrats for making a game !

6 months ago

This is a cool game which feels a lot like Magika combined with the binding of Isaac. The mechanics are interesting and the bosses too, but I found the whole game to be a bit too easy for my taste. I really feel like this game could be amazing if you polish the graphics, get more elements and make this game A LOT harder.
One thing I forgot: the boss in the upper left level (the rolling one) was kind of bugged. I got hit a lot without him being anywhere near me.

All in all its a great time especially for the two days you guys had to work on it, so keep up the good work!

6 months ago

I tryed to download the game again and now I could extract It.
Like the combinations, good game.

6 months ago

I really liked this one. The combination mechanic was really fluid, not too many combinations with clearly distinctly different spells. During the boss fights I found myself casting attacks, then resetting and casting speed boost and healing when I needed to. I picked up the controls really quick because they were well designed.
I liked the intro and the outro, the narrative was good with some nice visuals.
Overall I really enjoyed this game, great job.
Let the doom begin!

6 months ago

This felt pretty nice and had a sense of polish to it. The main mechanic was also awesome and original. Great game!

(@pepelka) • 6 months ago

This one fully elaborates the theme of jam. Nice gameplay spoiled with not so nice graphics

6 months ago

It's amazing that you were able to develop 4 worlds, 4 unique bosses, some enemies and a sort of complex magic system in 2 days. Congratulations!!

5 months ago

This was pretty good. The main menu really stood out to me, I loved the design. The controls were a bit clunky at first but it didnt take long until I ugot used to it, the spells were nice and the bossfights were challenging enough. What I realy loved though was the art style and the ambience from the music. Really gave a nice feel to the whole thing

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