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n!ghtmare • 3 years ago 

I would like to thank everyone who takes the effort to go through the games, from which some are worse and some are better. Some might not even run, but remember, it is not about "winning" the jam. It is about the fun you had and that new experience you have got from it. Maybe you couldn't finish your game, but next time you will!

I hope you tried to do some new things and went out of your comfort zone.


n!ghtmare • 4 years ago 

Okay, we are kinda finished, we don't have enough time to balance all stats, but we managed to have a good time creating it, so, enjoy?

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n!ghtmare • 4 years ago 

I will just leave this here. Those guys aren't the only one playing!

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n!ghtmare • 4 years ago 

Here is a little sneak peak of our little game.

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