Keep Them Alive

Keep You are the healer in the team. You keep them alive.

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Keep You are the healer in the team. You keep them alive.





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6 months ago

Intresting game idea, being the healer, watching health bars, clicking buttons. Almost like some types of jobs. I found that the game was missing 2 things -> some audio feedback and more importantly, some type of descriptions of the spells. The game goes way to fast to learn them via trial and error.

6 months ago

Neat and original idea. Healing a group of warriors, fighting the enemy indirectly… This could go to places! Here the simple formula is repeated multiple times, which is boring yet fine as a proof of concept.

For future development though, here are a few ideas:

  • Clearly communicated enemy abilities with a variety of effects: stun, poison, clear healing effect, instant kill (can be blocked with the healing shield), etc.
  • Slightly slower pace. More time to think, especially when the tank goes down.
  • Different hero configurations. Two soldiers (weaker than tank, but cannot be targeted at the same time), two rogues (dodging), wizards (shields soldiers, not in front line), etc.
  • Multistage fights, for instance: start with multiple weak enemies, add stronger enemies, add main boss, main boss has a second form, etc.
  • More abilities. The player could also be a warlock, with some healing and some damaging effects. Similar to the enemy abilities.

The visuals are functional, even though I'm not into pixelated graphics. Some of the assets are textured (background, enemy sprites) and some are flat colored (soldiers, ability icons), which doesn't look good.

I have no idea what the last spell does, it never activated and had no feedback. Maybe it is supposed to heal everyone?

The enemy attack target arrows sometimes stay on the field even after the attack, which is a nasty bug taken how quickly the player needs to parse information and act.

There is a lot of potential in this concept. This initial version does not live up to that potential, but you are onto something.

Overall: Above Average (6.0)
Graphics: Average (5.0)
Audio: N/A
Gameplay: Average (5.0)
Originality: Great (8.0)
Theme: Good (7.0)

6 months ago

I like the game. It becomes a sort of resource management game (cooldowns, mana) and get's quite hectic when the 'boss' life becomes red. In particular, I like that there are several spells, not just healing, but also buffs.

The spell icons are pretty well designed, so it wasn't very difficult for me to find out what they meant. I think it took me longest to find that I had to point-and-click on the unit I wanted to heal.
And because all spells are on the same numeric key row, I mischose quite often. Perhaps a slightly slower pace would have helped there.

Still defenitely a solid entry, with lots of room for expansion (as @huuvakoodia mentions).

6 months ago

Quite fun, and you even were able to make a tutorial!
I think I recognized the different heal spells of the priest in Wow. I just missed the "Heal pliz" :)

I agree some sound illustration would be great, as well as (more) indication on which men are hit by the enemy.
It also would be nice to have a progression for the player, for example unlck or boost some spells.

Very nice entry, which would deserve a new version with sound and graphics

6 months ago

Thanks for the feedbacks.

The last spell is resurrect (you can only select dead character)

I run out time. I planned more feature to add, for exemple spell stat and description.

6 months ago

Really fun and original idea, I love it! As has been mentioned before, slightly slower pace and some sort of description for the spells would help a lot! The "defense" spell, for example, was really clear (with the shield icon) so more of that clear iconography would already be great!
As a really small note, it took me a while to realize I had to click on the target of the spell (I thought all was keyboard based) so mentioning that in the tutorial would be helpful ;)
I think you did a really great job! :)

6 months ago

Spell descriptions would be nice, overall a great game. I always played a healer in MMO games and this reminds me a lot of that experience.

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