Your Friendly Neighborhood Warlock

Your Friendly Neighborhood Warlock

Because being the dark lord gets old (and you too)… well to be totally honest also because you kinda lost your memory in a tragic accident, ahem, you decided to change vocation and become a scroll craftsman instead. :


If you get stuck during the story or want to skip it for some reason you can press the "\" key (yes that a very weirdly specific key, I chose it so that people wouldn't press it by mistake).

The Game

So this is a puzzly kinda game I guess, also a bit like those flash cooking game were you have to make recipes fast.
I hope you'll have fun playing it. Unfortunately as usual I left game design polish for last, so the game might be a bit unbalanced. I'd be happy to hear your feedbacks / suggestions.

If you're into high scores there is no best score management so you'll just have to note it somewhere or do screenshot. My personal best (take that with a grain of salt tho, I know all the combination but was also dead tired) is 295. You'll most probably need a few tries before you win in order to figure out the 'recipes'. They are supposed to be somewhat logical but you still might have a hard time, hopefully you won't struggle too much.

The game was made with :

  • Engine : Godot 3.1
  • Art : Clip Paint Studio (clearly not fit for game jams, jesus exporting separate layers is absolute hell)
  • Music : None sorry, didn't have time. Hope you'll forgive me, I did have time for some really fine voicecrafted sfx :P .
  • SFX : My voice and some Audacity effects.
  • Font : Storybook

Except for the font I did everything.

Voting results


This game entered in the Solo competition (37 entries).


Being the BBEG gets tiring, how about crafting scrolls instead ?




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Comments (15)

(@josefgazdos) • 6 months ago

I had really great time playing this masterpiece. Really funny. The voiceovers are the best.

6 months ago

Thanks a lot, that's such a nice comment :) ! I'm glad you liked it.

6 months ago

Nice game. Audio was so great. I love it! It was fun.

6 months ago

A fun little game. I also like the audio a lot :)

6 months ago

Well done! You made a great job.
I Love the sound effects and the art style.

6 months ago

Really great voiceovers! Gameplay wise I struggled to figure out any of the spell recipes (not sure if there might've been some clue that I was missing?) but the art and audio had so much character that it was an enjoyable experience regardless. Nice job :)

6 months ago

This was great fun. Same as everyone else I loved the voiceovers. The game had a nice light and humourus atmosphere to it and I really enjoyed that!
Mostly the combos were good and intuitive. Only one I couldn't get was rain dance. After a while I got into the flow of trying new combos and repeating old ones.
A really solid game overall, I'm impressed!

6 months ago

You have a really nice drawing skills, the intro is amazing with the voiceover and in general the overall artstyle is great.
What is the rain dance combo, It seems impossible to guess! ;_;
Really nice work, keep working on it!

6 months ago

Thanks a lot for all the feedback !

Spoiler alert below :P

@devharts I'm glad it was still enjoyable even if the combination were hard to guess. There's no specific clue except for the scroll name (and number of elements required). It just follows a video game-y kind of logic : fire + earth = lava. Moreover light and dark each represent respectively holy/good and witchcraft/bad so : water + light = health potion and water + dark = poison. That's the main idea, but I know that for people who don't have a lot of experience with this way of thinking it can be hard (my sister struggled to find the recipes too for example).

@Ztuu and @havana24 : Yeah I guess Rain Dance is tricky, and usually the three elements recipe can be (I know a friend had a hard time with the Stone Wall). They work with the following logic (1 + 1) + 1 so (fire + water = steam/cloud) + water = rainy cloud -> Rain Dance (but because otherwise it would be a pain I allow player to enter the combination in any order). Stone wall is (earth + fire = lava) + water = cold lava = stone.

6 months ago

A functional spell-crafting/recipe-hunting/timed-memorization challenge with a sprinkle of humor. Crafting/cooking challenges are a dime a dozen, when a suitable theme rolls around and even when one doesn't. Still, not every project needs to reinvent the wheel.

The combinations are logical and easy to guess, with Rain dance being an outlier (it is logical too, once Cloud is established at least). Having to act quickly based on memory is quite refreshing. Managing multiple tasks at the same time, such as preparing ingredients for future potions, would add extra stress and challenge.

Cartoony visuals go well with the humor. There's good detail in the variety of implements at display as well as in the character designs.

The audio quality isn't very high. Might be down to your microphone, but it is also good form to fade the beginning and ending of each sound to avoid clipping. Furthermore, fading out the pauses between words and sentences in a long monologue is also worth the effort. The envelope tool in Audacity is great for both purposes.

A well made project. The less important aspects drag the score down.

Overall: Average (5.0)
Graphics: Good (7.0)
Audio: Above Average (6.0)
Gameplay: Above Average (6.0)
Originality: Bad (3.0)
Theme: Average (5.0)

6 months ago

@HuvaaKoodia thanks for the detailed feedback and tips !

I hadn't considered originality with your point of view, I guess I don't regard it as the most important point, I'm more interested in the global feel of the game. Maybe I'll give it more thought in next jams but I must admit it feels like coming up with a revolutionnary concept would be a lot of extra work to fit in the span of 48h ^^" (but it's true some manage to do).
I agree that a lot of depth could be added to the gameplay but as usual with jams you have to settle to a reasonable scope if you want to end up with something playable.

Indeed the audio quality is pretty poor, I'm just using my usual headphones/mic and since I was in quite a rush most of it was done in one take. I'm also pretty much inexperienced in audio design, I have a vague idea of what 2 or 3 of audacity effects do and mess with them. So thanks for linking to the envelope tool I had no idea it existed.
By the way, when you talk of fading the beginning and end of sounds do you mean while working on the sound in itself, so in audacity (or this kind of software), or when playing it in the game engine ? (the second option seems a lot more complicated)

(@thesunda) • 6 months ago

First of all, very nice entry.

I think the most upsetting point of this game is that some combinatios are not that clear. Still, it didn't took me the joy of playing and having a good time.
The audio is not polished but at least there are SFX on it and this is already great. Obviously you can make it better but thats a 48h GJ we're talking about.

After playing for 20 minutes I could figure out all the recipes that's a fair time. I see the potential in it for more recipes and would definitely play again.

6 months ago

Great solo entry. The game has a solid core gameplay loop, but also looks and sounds good. And the graphics in the introduction are very nice. Lot's of polish in very little time to make this game (which would work well on mobile I'd say BTW).

6 months ago

Cleaning up sounds should be done in an external program. The envelope tool is great for this purpose, as mentioned. Fading sounds with the engine should be done only if dynamic fades are needed, for instance smoothly fading from one music track to another.

I'm by no means an expert when it comes to Audacity, but I've found the following effects useful for a variety of tasks.

Bass and Treble - Increase or decrease bass
Change Pitch/Tempo/Speed - Sometimes this is all you need
Equalization - Frequency editing, very powerful
Echo - Simple echo
Delay - Less simple echo
Reverb - Even less simple echo
Paulstretch - Good for creating ambient sound and strange voices
Distortion - For radio/robotic voices
Phaser - Scifi sounds
Wahwah - More scifi sounds (can be combined with Phaser, of course)
Noise Reduction - Cleans up a recording. Requires a noise profile, so remember to record silence for 10 seconds or so.
Crossfade Tracks - Useful for looping sounds

6 months ago

@HuvaaKoodia Okay makes sense. And thanks a lot for the effect tips, that will come in very handy !

@thesunda Thanks for the feedback, I'm happy you liked it enough to spend 20 minutes on it and even consider playing it again ^^

@maartene Thanks for the feedback too and mentionning the mobile possibility. I didn't think about it at all but it might indeed work so I'll keep it in mind.

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