Well here's my 5th Alakajam entry and I'm super pleased with how it turned out! ManaBall is a fast paced arena fighting game based on casting and reflecting ricocheting spells.
Take on a friend in local 2-player versus in hectic spell-ricocheting combat.

Shoot spells off walls or ceilings to confuse your opponent, or reflect their own spells back at them! Aim your spells upwards or downwards for even more bouncing madness. Spells can only ricochet a certain number of times, but this is refreshed by reflecting. Reflected spells travel even faster than regular ones!
Details of the controls can be found on the main menu in game. You'll need controllers to play, but one player can use the keyboard if they wish.
Choose from a variety of different levels. Make sure to vary your tactics to take into account the terrain! Use those ricochets to your advantage!

50% Keith:
50% Ztuu:

If you have issues with controllers not working try unplugging them then plugging them back in, or restarting the game. It's probably a weird Unity bug.

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This game entered in the Team competition (21 entries).


2-Player versus, Arena spell ricocheting mayhem!


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Comments (13)

8 months ago

I had a great time making this with you! even more fun playing it. good job!

8 months ago

Wow! This was one of the best games I played. The gameplay, graphics, and the feel of it are polished. The only thing it lacks is some background music, but that's really fine. It's fun even without it.
Really solid entry.

(@pepelka) • 8 months ago

Since I don't have any friends I couldn't play in this one, BUT it looks really cool, and probably feels like Nidhogg which is great

8 months ago

we were gonna add single player but ran out of time

8 months ago

@neverix Thanks a lot :)
@ultrakilla Yes it's definitely that style of game, let us know if you get the chance to play it!

8 months ago

I tried it with my girlfriend (she with the gamepad and me with a keyboard) and we had fun!
We got some problems with some patforms…
For example in the main stage with the platform right above the longer platfrom in the middle.
The jump seems to be really tight and sometimes you miss to go over for a pixel.
Overall a solid entry! Congrats!

8 months ago

@havana24 yeah I know what you mean about the platforms, I'll take a look at it. Was thinking of adding a double jump anyway which might give the player a bit better control!
Thanks for playing!

8 months ago

Its an original idea I like it

8 months ago

@gechy Thanks man!

(@thesunda) • 8 months ago

Really lovely. I waited my gf to be at home and we took our xbox controllers, played for 20 minutes almost.
Great execution overall. Graphics and animations could be a little more polished but my expectations are not down considering we all only had 48 hours.

Fun to play and I loved that you guys made a local multiplayer. Games these days been missing this kind of mechanic.

8 months ago

Intresting game play.. would have loved to have some AI or 2 player keyboard options (1 controller limits the ability to experiance the game).

graphics were nice… however, I had a bit of a hard time distinquishing the stuff on the screen slightly. I think due to color.

8 months ago

@thesunda Thank you! Local multiplayer is really great, it's my first time doing a 2P game so glad you enjoyed it!

@AdroitConceptions I would've loved to have made a game vs. AI. I thought about it but I just don't think I had time to make something decent. I probably should've tried to implement a 2 player I keyboard mode. Thanks for the feedback and for playing! :)

7 months ago

Reminds me of Lethal League, that's a good sign and pretty original for a jam!

The idle animations are neato, and the visuals in general look good. A jumping animation is missing. Due to a colorful dispute we ended up admiring the texture of the ball. Was there animation as well? (Because you can't see any of it!)

Casting balls all around the place is fun, and deflecting them works, although at times the shield disappears just as a ball is about to enter your personal space. Maybe it should be possible to keep blocking for as long as you want? After all, the opponent can just cast in more balls from other directions.

A question about the controls: initially the (Xbox One) controller and the keyboard were both controlling player 1, and we had to rebind everything via the terrible Unity input panel. What was up with that?

Overall a real solid entry. Bonus points for multiple levels!

Overall: Good (7.0)
Graphics: Good (7.0)
Audio: Average (5.0)
Gameplay: Good (7.0)
Originality: Great (8.0)
Theme: Good (7.0)

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