Wardens of Magic

Become the warden of the magic by defeating opponent wizards that crave for the same power. Pick up runes from the ground to cast powerful spells at your enemies!

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This game entered in the Team competition (21 entries).


An action game based on reflexes and spellcasting


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6 months ago

Nice game, fun to play

6 months ago

The art is awesome and is really interesting to play

6 months ago

Christ almighty, this game could be an esport.

6 months ago

This is an awesome game. I got to what I'm guessing is the final boss because the music changed. I lost to him which put me back to the start which kinda sucks, would be nicer if I could just rematch him.
I like the assets and the music, the models look nice.
The variety of spells with different effects is cool. It's good you have to adjust how you aim based on the spell.
I like the resultant mechanic you get from having to collect spells, dodge your opponent and aim your spells. The game is full of action and fun.
Great entry overall, well done!

(@thesunda) • 6 months ago

I loved how the mechanics basically turn this game into a bullet hell at the last level. You need to kill the boss but also survive while meteors, ice beams, plasma balls and other stuff fly around the scenario.

Awesome work with the ambiance, music and sfx. The voices are slick. Really enjoyed playing this one.

(@pepelka) • 6 months ago

I like the mechanics and sounds. The game looks polished and fun enough, but a bit too easy, I'd love to increase the speed and make projectilies smaller, so it become more challenging

6 months ago

This is really impressive. It's really intense and fun to play and the graphics are beautiful. The music is also really good and fits the game well. I also like the little lines the enemies say at the start of each round, as it really makes them seem like different characters.

On the other hand I did find it pretty difficult to pinpoint where the meteor spell was going to land (both when attacking and when trying to dodge the thing) and the final boss was a bit too difficult, but these things are really nitpicky and the game's bloody great.

6 months ago

The intro is just amazing, the voiceover fits really well!
Also the gameplay is interesting because the spell cast immediately right after you touch the rune and you need to coordinates the movement and the aiming.
Nice work guys, really polished.
PS: Siete anche voi italiani? Ho visto dai crediti! :)

6 months ago

I love the crazy fast paced mayhem that ensues the longer the game goes. I think the glyphs are a little hard to see at times.
The models were very nice and i liked the varieation in spells.

(@josefgazdos) • 6 months ago

The game was fun and graphics are astonishing. This game made really good impression and gave some challenge in later stages.

6 months ago

Really fun game with amazing graphics! Sometimes it got really hard to see the magic runes.

6 months ago

Great entry! The gameplay looks dull at first but toward the end it got better and better.
The graphic is beautiful, but UX/wise I don't like how the gem colors get hard to differentiate. Also there's one type of gem (red? orange?) that when pick up doesn't seem to do any thing, what is it?

6 months ago

@AVAVT @Huliandos @KeithorKeith thanks! sometimes you can't clearly see the color of the transparent objects when they interact with a strong light
the red rune makes a meteor fall from the sky to the cursor direction. It's very slow since it causes lot of damage
@puarsliburf unfortunately we ran out of time, it would have been nice to draw a line or some kind of effect to the meteor hit point
thank everyone for all the nice comments, our team really appreciates that

5 months ago

This is a great entry ;)
I like the art and audio. It's nice that you have multiple levels and spells.
What do you use for the spells? Simply the particule system or the new VFX Graph?

5 months ago

@Thrainsa Thank you, anyway has been used the default unity particle system along with some custom textures made in photoshop

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