Infinite Duel

A stupid villain has challenged you putting your family at risk, end his life.

Infinite Duel is made for the 6th Alakajam is our second time developing in a Game Jam.



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 • 1 year ago  • 

Me cago en dios, que pedazo de juego. Además es un colocón gratis. Engancha como la heroína, ojala se pudiese jugar en el movil.

Holy fucking shit, what a fucking awesome game. You can get high free. This is like heroin, I would play it in my phone all day. Best history 10/10 IGN, I cry everytime ;,,,,(

   • 1 year ago  • 

I did not expect this reaction, Thank you!

 • 1 year ago  • 

hey i like the idea and it works pretty well, but argh the constant spinning was too much for me, its a bit nausea inducing. Apart from that it was fun, it feels a bit uneven between the orange and green sides since the orange part is bigger its easier to get those, but not exactly a problem, the intro was pretty cute too with the pseudo voices.

(@jcochet)  • 1 year ago  • 

The concept is pretty cool but the rotation of the camera makes me a little sick xD

 • 1 year ago  • 

Nice concept. After playing for 5 minutes i looked at the wall and i saw all the universe and the galaxies inside in my brain
For real tho, the texture of the floor combined with the camera rotation makes an optical illusion, very unsettling and annoying. I think that if you try to concentrate on that for more than 15 minutes you gonna feel sick in your stomach
Overall the concept is ok, and i fail to understand the camera rotating that way. I think the game is good (fix the rotation or the texture for god's sake), even if it doesn't fit the jam's theme.
Good job

 • 1 year ago  • 

This is an interesting concept. I think it'd make a decent mobile game (and I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually been done before). I'm not really a fan of the use of the theme for a background story while having almost nothing to do with the core of the game though.

A couple things:

  • The bars shrink a little bit too much considering how fast you rotate. It's hard to get the angle right.
  • The spinning made me very dizzy.
  • The "Best Time" doesn't actually work. It seems to just show the last time.

I enjoyed playing a few runs as these types of games are generally pretty enjoyable for a couple minutes for me and the spinning wasn't too bad once I got used to it. Good job.

 • 1 year ago  • 

The idea is nice, but the spinning background made me unpleasantly dizzy after playing for just 15 seconds (and losing). So my comment is based on a very brief impression.

I like the music and the… shall I call it "voice acting"? The retro sounds during the game have a rather different style though.

And, believe it or not, there can be such a thing as "too much screenshake". Consider shaking the screen only if something bad happens, i.e. a wrong line hit. You could also slow down or freeze time at that point to make the impact more dramatic.

The simple, somewhat abstract graphics are nice and coherent.

Duels are usually symmetric, I think?

 • 1 year ago  • 

Background made me dizzy after a while, the gameplay was very polished although not that original. The duel theme seems to be absent.

 • 1 year ago  • 

Great! Now the whole room is spinning…

A functional take on Super Hexagon, I presume. This design isn't much different, despite the looks. If you manage to block all the green lines, the yellow lines are blocked automatically. No need to worry about those. This is a bit of a shame, really. If the husband and wife duo was controlled separately (one with mouse, other with keyboard?), then both would be in equal danger ramping up the difficulty.

While clean, the visual assets are all over the place stylistically (some pixelated, some not; some shaded some not; and with a checkerboard background!). Likewise, the music is ok, but doesn't quite fit the hectic action.

The backstory is short, funny and the only thematic connection. A duel which cannot be won is not much of a duel at all. Thematically the battle would have made more sense if the badball showed his face every once in a while, trying to launch a super attack of sorts, allowing the protagonists to deflect the lines at him (or something like that). Well, that would ruin the time attack mode, so who cares about the theme.

Eh… Everything works, but there are many downsides so the ratings more or less even out.

Overall: Average (5.0)
Graphics: Average (5.0)
Audio: Above Average (6.0)
Gameplay: Average (5.0)
Originality: Average (5.0)
Theme: Terrible (2.0)

 • 1 year ago  • 

I cannot extract the rar file :/

 • 1 year ago  • 

Here's an alternate ZIP archive of the game, I hope the author won't mind.

 • 11 months ago  • 


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