Ran 11-28 July 

Feedback Fortnight! gameplay videos 0

Wan • 6 years ago 

All the gameplay videos planned for the Feedback Fortnight! entries are now online. You can browse them at:

We had a lot of fun playing through these, and hope you'll find interesting feedback in watching them.

It's now time for the team to focus on the website development (theme voting teaser), so we can have the September competition run as smoothly as possible. See you then!

Congratulations to all! What's next? 0

Wan • 6 years ago 

The 1st Feedback Fortnight has just reached is deadline, congratulations to all who took part! For this very first event we'd like to thank everyone who joined the community, be it by submitting a game, sharing feedback on the site or simply hanging out on our little IRC channel. Not mentioning code contributors (@dollarone, @thomastc & @toasty) who are now part of the team whether they want it or not ;)

Anyway, this is of course just a start, so here is the roadmap for the weeks to come:

Feedback Fortnight videos & discussion

As you already know, we started making videos of each game, and you can expect the remaining ones to appear within the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, you're invited to go try the other games and exchange feedback. The more comments you make, the bigger your Feedback Score is, the bigger your chances are to get comments in exchange!

1st Alakajam! competition: 22-24 September

Now that the site is up and running, the next step for Alakajam! is to host a first real competition. It will take place for 48 hours during the 22-24 September week-end, and will have features not unlike the ones you may know from Ludum Dare or itch.io jams:

  • A theme selection phase will be held a couple weeks before the event starts
  • When the theme is announced, you will have 48 hours to make a game, either solo or as a team
  • Community ratings & feedback will then take place for a couple weeks, until the final rankings are released :)

Stay tuned for more announcements around the event, either on Twitter or Reddit!

Behind the scenes: site updates

The development of the website will be in flux throughout the summer, with the implementation of everything required to make that competition take place. We also hope to release cool features like adding games from outside events to your profile, turning it into a cool portfolio of all your past jams if you want.

If you're interested in helping, the site is made with NodeJS and hosted on Github where issues await any volunteers.

Thanks for reading, and see you later!

Final hours for submitting your game! 0

Wan • 6 years ago 

Today is the final day for joining the Feedback Fortnight! After that it will be too late for adding new games, but it will still be possible for everyone (even if you didn't enter) to play and provide feedback to the submitted entries.

As a reward for those who took part in this first, experimental event, we started making videos of each submission, in which we play the game for the first time (as an exemple see the video below). So if you haven't already, join us and post any game you worked on this year!

Introducing... Feedback Fortnight! 0

Wan • 7 years ago 

Welcome to Alakajam's launch event!

What is it about?

For the next two weeks, you are invited to submit any game you worked on this year and exchange feedback on it. You can make a game specifically for the event, but this is absolutely not mandatory! These two weeks are your chance to make people play anything you worked on recently, from a small prototype to an in-progress commercial game, to a previous jam entry that didn't get the attention you needed.

How it works

After you've created your account, feel free to introduce yourself and/or your game using a blog post.

When July 11th comes by, you'll be able to submit an entry, and of course play and comment other people's games! As you leave comments, you'll boost your feedback score and get featured higher in the games listing. You can read more details on the event "rules" on the Help page.

When the event ends, as a reward we plan to make playthrough videos of every game submitted, and publish them on ! If everything goes well the videos should be recorded in the days following the event, probably by members @wan and @toasty (EDIT: First videos are available here!).

To stay in touch with the community, follow AlakajamBang on Twitter and join us on the IRC Chat!

About this site

Alakajam! is a brand new gamedev community created by Ludum Dare veterans, the project being initiated by @wan, author of the Feedback Friends mini-site. Our goal is to start hosting regular game jams, with a first full-fledged, competitive event hopefully taking place in late September.

The site is homemade and, let's admit it, insufficiently tested, so you will encounter bugs. Please let us now if something's wrong or you have a suggestion, by filling this form! We should roll out a couple cool features in the days to come, including a notification system to keep track of comments (EDIT: Done!). Until then you can follow things on your dashboard.

Thanks for joining us, and if you want to give a hand to this brand new community: spread the word, give feedback and why not join us on Github!