I'm in!

greyspot 23 days ago0 comments

Hope you guys enjoy my (short) game!

I'm here

perdugames 23 days ago1 comment

My first multiplayer game.

Game made for the MiniLD74.

I'm in!

toasty 23 days ago0 comments

Introducing Cooperoids ("co-op-er-oids"):


Managed to squeeze this in, just in time! I made it for MiniLD 74 (The Coop Jam), using music by @wan. It's a 1-4 player asteroids game with slightly crumbly sound effects. Enjoy! :)

I'm in!

Wan a month ago0 comments

I finally updated our Evil Triad game. What took the most time was to replace the copyrighted art with... ehem... characters that closely resemble copyrighted art ;) Have fun discovering them as you collect the cards!

Play "Evil Triad"

FeedBack Fortnight

OatMealPal a month ago1 comment

Hopefully I'll be able to submit something to FF.

Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Either way, I'm excited to see what other people make.

Good Luck to ALL!


FIRST!! ...post not by @wan!

ajayajayaj a month ago1 comment

Anyways, this site looks really awesome already!

I don't know if I'll have anything to submit to Feedback Fortnight, but I'll make sure to come back here in events to come.

Polish in progress: Evil Triad

Wan a month ago0 comments

For my entry I plan to submit Evil Triad, a card-game prototype made with long-time LD partner @thrainsa & two more friends.

For those who know Final Fantasy VIII, It's heavily inspired by its Triple Triad mini-game. Basically the game rules are the same, but it wraps them in a simple collectible meta-game. It was really fun to make, and it even let us experiment in Unity with multiplayer code (the online mode won't be submitted though, as it's pretty unstable).

At the current state the game is already playable, but I plan to insert a Help screen explaining the rules in-game before submitting the entry.

Also... the game features completely placeholder cards (a mix of previous artwork by graphic artist Prohibe and totally uncleared pics of movie characters)... But replacing them would be a chore at this point so I might release things as it is :P