Alakajam! is a brand new gamedev community created by Ludum Dare veterans. Because the world always needs more game jams, we're launching this site with the goal to host:

  • Alakajam! competitions, taking place over a week-end, with start/end times suited to Europan timezones.
  • Kajam! month-long events, inviting people to learn and experiment around a specific topic.
  • And finally Feedback Fortnights, to show off projects made outside of game jams.

The initiative was launched by @wan, author of the Feedback Friends mini-site. If you want to give a hand to this brand new community: spread the word, give feedback and why not join us on Github!

Bugs reports & suggestions

This site just launched, so you will most probably encounter bugs. Please report them there:

Support form

Contacting us

  • AlakajamBang on Twitter
  • contact [[at]] alakajam [[dot]] com