King of Mithril

King of Mithril is a 2.5D mix between a hack'n'slash and an infiltration game.


For thousands of years, we have been at war with the goblins. Until one day, they found a way to turn mithril into an incredible energy, making them invincible. We are now enslaved by the King of Mithril and his minions… Doomed to mine the very ore they use to keep us under control.

But YOU can't take it anymore! You grab a pickaxe in each hand, and decide to make them pay for all your suffering. Will you be able to defeat the goblins and their powerful technologies? Is there a way to make their shields run out of power? Our fate is in your hands!


  • If you can't hurt the goblins, figure out a way to disable their shields ;)
  • You can change keyboard settings in unity launcher (inputs) if you don't like WASD controls

The Team

We haven't tested the Linux build, if it's broken please let us know!

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