River on Venus

Save the city from a catastrophe!

An escape game taking place on Venus. Save the city from a catastrophe!

Before playing


  • Mouse + WASD to move
  • E to interact
  • WASD/Arrows to navigate the control panels
  • Escape to exit the control panels


  • The game can be rough on the edges but is technically playable and winnable. You can pick the phone near your bed for gentle instructions on what to do.
  • Sound is important! There's not a lot of sound unfortunately, but it is required to solve certain puzzles.

If you're stuck

\1 Turning off the alarm

There's a big, blinking red button between the two large consoles that you can press with E.

\2 Getting the badges

The computers are the two big consoles against the (currently closed) wall-long window. You will need two badges to unlock the two Power buttons that are made inaccessible by glass covers.

  • HINT 1:

    While Bob's badge is easy to get, John's badge requires solving a puzzle to access it.

  • HINT 2:

    You need the code to John's cabinet. What is his favorite color?

  • HINT 3:

    The Rubik's cube on the poster shows an interesting pattern.

\3 Powering up the computers

Once the cover of the power buttons are open, just pressing them doesn't do anything… There's more to it.

  • HINT 1:

    The two buttons make different sounds. Maybe a specific sequence needs to be played.

  • HINT 2:

    Bob has left a convenient note on his own computer.

\4 Opening the first door

The city is in trouble: A stream of lava is progressing towards it! The window display says that the automatic gate closing has failed, so you'll have to exit the building and do it manually. But how can we open the door?

  • HINT 1:

    The window display shows a partial sequence you need to play to open the door.

  • HINT 2:

    We'll have to press the computer buttons again. We know the first three presses, the last three are displayed somewhere else in the room.

  • HINT 3:

    Look at John's posters more closely.

\5 Exiting the building

Put your helmet on (please put it on, otherwise you may or may not die once outside) and go save the world! One last door to open.

  • HINT:

    You need to type a 4-digit code. Exactly four decorative panels are mounted nearby and are telling you something.


Made with love by @Wan (art) & @Thrainsa (code). Third-party assets:

POST JAM Version

  • This version doesn't add gameplay but is the version we would have wanted to present but obvious we were a couple of hours short.
  • It had 3 sound effects (not from us) and a change in the button sounds. It fixes bugs/shaders and add some hints inside the game to make it more clear.
  • It has a final cutscene as well.
  • It hide some panels that was not supposed to be shown at the beginning of the game
  • It's the only version that has the html version for now but we'll try to add the html version on the Jam verison so anyone can try it

Voting results


This game entered in the Team competition (7 entries).

Comments (4)

 • 1 year ago • 

Honestly, this was way more fun than I expected :D
I liked the puzzles and the funny hints you would get for them. Would've wished that hologram gaming was still possible and hate that John broke it…

I have a minor gripe with the camera controls though. For some reason, they would sometimes jerk back suddenly (I think when I walked against something?) which is a quite unpleasant feeling and made me feel a bit queasy in the end.
Graphics-wise, it was serviceable, but I feel like the lack of time could be seen especially outside the station.

But those are minor gripes, I really enjoyed playing and finishin the game! (Oh yeah, the length was also quite perferct for a jam game)

 • 1 year ago • 

It's an impressive achievement that you managed to make a 3D escape room within a jam! I have to confess I used some of the tips when I got stuck. I thought the computer was bugged since it looked like it might have other controls than just the two buttons. You should avoid using escape as a key for WebGL games since it turns of fullscreen and it is a little janky to play a game where you have to press escape often. I managed to finish the game with the help of the tips and even figured out some of the puzzles all by myself. I liked it!

 • 1 year ago • 

I didn't get through without hints, but in hindsight maybe I should have. It needed a hint for the

Rubik's cube puzzle, which in hindsight was fairly clear, I just wasn't prepared for this kind of puzzle probably?
and for the
combination of button sequences because I didn't read the ??? as "three missing symbols" but as "not sure if it's this sequence"
. Generally, the early puzzles might actually be the most difficult ones.

The notion of having to stop a lava flow in time is quite cool, but could have been exploited better. For one, open the viewing window straight away and make the lava visibly move. For another, make the colony more clearly visible; I'm not even sure if I could see it before the final cutscene. Maybe move the whole room into some kind of control tower, so the player has a clearer view of what's happening?

It would have been nice if interactive elements would light up when looking at them. And instead of E, why not simply use the left mouse button for interaction?

Overall, good entry!

Poor John…

  • 1 year ago • 

Thanks for the reviews!

Maybe move the whole room into some kind of control tower, so the player has a clearer view of what's happening?

@thomastc I actually spent a good while blocking out the level and trying to get the view right… but didn't think of real world control towers as a starting point for the game room! Opening a single wall turned out not enough to give an ideal view on the exterior. I'm not used to this kind of level-design issues, it was an interesting exercise.

Initially we also planned a whole sequence of phone calls to explain the situation and the objectives, but that turned out too ambitous. The plan B was to hack in a short cutscene with the camera forcing a look through the window at the volcano, then at the city, but that too was not done in time :,-)

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