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Fish climbs the river on NES
by voxel
Karma: 88Solo
The river is in danger!
bbl bsh
by bradur, Juutis, M2tias
Karma: 124Team
How fast can you go down the river?
River Race
by Obelex
Karma: 83Solo
​Race against your opponent in this physics based kayaking game!
River Racing
by Banana, Ben2508
Karma: 94Team
A vampire survivors clone with a small, unfortunate hero
River Survivors
by Cuddl3s
Karma: 82Solo
Guide, guide, guide your boat gently down the stream...
River Rapids
by thomastc
Karma: 96Solo
Follow the River Nahuapil through the rainforest of South America and find out what's happening to the water.
The River Nahuapil
by Stefem04, Jooseem
Karma: 94Team
Save the city from a catastrophe!
River on Venus
by Wan, Thrainsa
Karma: 96Team
River management planning
Nile River
by Laguna
Karma: 111Solo
Catch fish. Whack bird.
Fisherman's Catch
by Bklyn
Karma: 94Solo
Traverse a mountain on a quest for the source of a river
by ScriptLine
Karma: 79Solo
Place dams to guide the river, balancing trade and ecology.
Dam the Delta
by DiningPhilosopher, Anni
Karma: 92Team
Hop from log to log and avoid anything dangerous
River Crossers
by Kaan
Karma: 93Unranked
A non-game based on a Japanese child story
The Mountain Pear (やまなし)
by euske
Karma: 97Unranked
a smoll game about a fish
by remco
Karma: 104Unranked
Shoot-em-up style game in the GameBoy color palette.
Wave Warrior
by IAmAPancake
Karma: 105Solo
Can you provide power to the nearby colony and prevent them from flooding?
Simsa River Hydropower
by maartene
Karma: 100Unranked
Catch and dispose of garbage before it can pollute the river.
Thank you for littering
by Corbarrad
Karma: 77Solo
Short game about travelling down a river and fighting monsters
by Baconinvader
Karma: 103Solo
Dive into a river and fetch various lost items
Splashdown Salvage Squad
by alyphen, LiamLime
Karma: 106Team