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After an hour of work i have got a simple game which works, tommorow im gonna finish it off the random generation and then leave it at that, as i wont be able to work on it on Sunday.
Good luck to anyone doing the jam, Im sure your game will beat mine.


I took part in Alakajam 2# and the missed 3# bcos im stupid and now im taking part this, having just taken part in another game jam this previous weekend, I feel like I'm ready for Alakajam #4
I will be using:
Bosca Ceoil

I wish everyone good luck, You'll probably beat me anyway.

Btw is it just me or is Ancient Technology always in the top 10 Themes


With my holiday coinciding with Kajam 5, And the theme matching perfectly with what i would love to make. i wish that i owned a laptop. So i find myself writing a text adventure on my phone and with a story idea and a plan to send it to my self once i get home i have all the parts of my entry setout. I just need to write a convincing story and make a large branching path story which can be a winner.

Good luck to all other entrants in the competition, i wish you all good luck.


This is my second GameJam ever, and second Alakajam. My first one i came about 40th, im hoping to best that this time.
I will be using:
Unity - Engine
Photoshop - Graphics
Blender (if i go for a 3D game)
Bosca Ceoil - Music

My top three themes are:
Alone in space


Im TheTacticalBanana,
And I will be entering the Alakajam Game Jam, Which will be my first.

I will be using Unity as my engine
C# as my Language
Gimp for Pixel Art
Bosca Ceoil for Music

I will be streaming my Development over on Twitch:
And I wish good luck to you all.