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With my holiday coinciding with Kajam 5, And the theme matching perfectly with what i would love to make. i wish that i owned a laptop. So i find myself writing a text adventure on my phone and with a story idea and a plan to send it to my self once i get home i have all the parts of my entry setout. I just need to write a convincing story and make a large branching path story which can be a winner.

Good luck to all other entrants in the competition, i wish you all good luck.


This is my second GameJam ever, and second Alakajam. My first one i came about 40th, im hoping to best that this time.
I will be using:
Unity - Engine
Photoshop - Graphics
Blender (if i go for a 3D game)
Bosca Ceoil - Music

My top three themes are:
Alone in space


Im TheTacticalBanana,
And I will be entering the Alakajam Game Jam, Which will be my first.

I will be using Unity as my engine
C# as my Language
Gimp for Pixel Art
Bosca Ceoil for Music

I will be streaming my Development over on Twitch:
And I wish good luck to you all.