Quick Dash

A Hyper-Casual game about avoiding the communist squares

Quick Dash is a hyper casual avoidance game.

It's fast paced and can take some concentration and fine hand eye coordination to succeed. It was made for Kajam #6 (Not hosted on Itch) which is a month long game jam. I restarted my project halfway through as my other one was going in the wrong direction.

How To Play:

The player follows the cursor - Use this to move

Avoid the Squares - If the Squares touch you or each other they will explode

Hold Right Mouse Button to go into slow motion - Can only be done for a certain amount of time indicated by bar on bottom of the screen

While in Slow Motion press Left Mouse Button to dash to where your cursor is located

Thanks for playing my game.

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 • 5 years ago • 

Interesting gameplay. The first time I thought it was wayyy too hard. The second time was just right. Third time it seemed a bit easy! It's nice to feel a sense of progress, and this is a very simple idea with amazing execution. Very nice work for a piece of fruit

 • 5 years ago • 

This is a cool one, I actually really enjoyed this.
I think the difficulty at the start is good but it should ramp up more-aggressively.
The visuals are nice, I like the trail effect and the cube collisions. It just looks super clean.
This hits the hyper casual theme well, would like to see a mobile release!

Edit: Take that communist squares

 • 5 years ago • 

I like the slow motion function of your game. It's pretty unique for a classic dodge and avoid game. I found it quite tricky at first….and I still do, haha. Couldn't get into the triple digits, but if I had time on my hands I could see myself fiddling with this game and get better at it.

 • 5 years ago • 

The gameplay is simple but effective, it falls right in the theme :) The slow motion in particular felt really good to use, allowing the player both to gain some advance on the enemies and to position the cursor better to exit tricky situations. It took me some time to master how to play but after a while I think I was comfortable and could keep on forever with the help of slow motion.

I guess the game could use some more contents to add variety and increase the difficulty in cool ways, but what you've got here is a solid start with satisfying controls. Nice job

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