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One. More. Time! (with apologies to daft punk) 0

Corbarrad • 4 months ago 

Floating tech islands in the sky will be the backdrop for my take on the classic lunar lander/space taxi concept.

Let's see how this works out…

So, I didn't get much of anything done 0

Corbarrad • 1 year ago 

I will try and put up a post mortem at some point. Maybe I'll even get a finished game out.

For now I'll try to play and rate as many games as I can.

Alright, So I'm in, again... 0

Corbarrad • 1 year ago 

I do not expect to finish since there are other demands on my time this weekend, but I at least want to put in some effort, so maybe I have enough of a portfolio to join a team next time around.
Not a seasoned game developer by any means, but I have some solid all around IT knowledge plus a bit of an artistic streak that I plan on neglecting a little less in the future.
I plan on using Godot for the engine and any tools that I can get my hands on during the weekend to create my assets.

Good luck, everyone and may procrastination strike at some other time.

So it seems I'm in. 0

Corbarrad • 4 years ago 

I've got no clue what I'm doing, but I've got an idea and I'm not afraid to use it.

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