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6 Hours in 1

IAmAPancake • 1 year ago 

Here's my progress after 6 hours of development on this game.

Game Jam Progress

i really hope that embeds properly
It's kinda ugly, but maybe I'll improve it later. Currently, the main game loop works fine, and is decently fun. I still need to implement

  1. Music
  2. A title screen
  3. Bugfixes

Anyway, the community has been really nice, and I'm really enjoying participating.

I'm in 1

IAmAPancake • 1 year ago 

I've got a bit of experience in Python, which is the language I plan on making this game in, with pygame as my main "engine".
I hope to pick up some useful skills (although, let's be honest, I'll probably crunch to the last minute) and finish a project for once.
Good luck!

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