We're in... and ChatGPT may join the team 5

Wan • 1 year ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  River on Venus

@thrainsa and I will be back for the upcoming jam! We'll make our game with Unity as usual. Heres our last few entries:


Regarding the ChatGPT thing, I've been experimenting a bit with it to see how it could work as our creative director of the jam. Honestly it could be fun to leave the AI in charge of all big decisions while we do the dirty work :,-) I have pasted below my current version of a prompt, feel free to play with it! Here's an example exchange I managed to get. Not sure if we'll actually use it during the week-end but it's tempting.

We are going to role play a team trying to create a video game from scratch in a week-end for an Alakajam event. You will be GPT, the team leader and creative director of the project. The echange format will be as follows:

Wan or Thrainsa: <a question>

GPT: <your answer>

You will only write GPT's answers and their eventual followup questions, while I will write messages from team members Thrainsa & Wan. GPT will offer good advice taking in account the skills of Thrainsa & Wan, the limitations of making a video game in a week-end, the current progress and obstacles, and the remaining available time. GPT will make sure the game scope remains reasonable. GPT may ask relevant and pragmatic questions (but only one at a time) to gain better insight on the situation, and will take decisions accordingly. GPT is full of imagination and has creative ideas to share about game ideas & game design.

Wan: The Alakajam has just started, and the theme is "XXX". Any idea what kind of game we should make?

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 • 1 year ago • 

It seems prone to over-scoping, but that final suggestion is a very good one!

  • 1 year ago • 

Yeah it feels like the "GPT is full of imagination" part of the prompt got more weight than the rest for some reason. Also I feel GPT is quite verbose with its responses in general, so it doesn't help.

Since then we've had more cool exchanges around preparing the jam, the AI plays along well when with brainstorming and discussing gameplay ideas. It's also surprisingly good at reversing the roles, with it asking relevant questions then reacting to our answers. I feel it could made a really good programming duck :P

 • 1 year ago • 

For me the best part of the prompt is "GPT may ask relevant and pragmatic questions (but only one at a time) to gain better insight on the situation, and will take decisions accordingly."
It's a very good thing to see GPT ask question, it feels a lot more like a conversation and the question were almost all relevant.

 • 1 year ago • 

This is a cool setup! One suggestion: Maybe put the ChatGPT conversation somewhere in the game, maybe in the credits, regardless of whether this coop works out.
Good luck!

 • 1 year ago • 

On the topic of AI-teammates, how do you all feel about using something like https://midjourney.com for graphics?

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