Sacrifice Now

Air Force One has crashed while traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. The President is among the survivors, who must escort him through an unknown island. Will they be able to reach the radio station? Sacrifices will have to be made…

This game was made over 3 days for Ludum Dare 43.


We're especially interested in your feedback on:

  • The general gameplay
  • The presentation
  • The art

I think the trickiest part of the entry was how to present the game rules effectively. We didn't have the time to do everything we wanted for teaching the game to new players, but we're curious how much of a problem it actually is for enjoying the game.

The team

  • Eagle : Game design
  • @thrainsa : Code & game design
  • @wan : Art, audio & code

Comments (1)

2 days ago

The cycle of each day is slightly unclear. It seemed like a cycle of: choose action, choose party members, choose target tile. But the last actions of the day skipped the target tile choice, is the cycle different or is that just how the day ends? It also seemed like the Rest action was always mandatory, that could be something automatic then to mark the start/end of the day instead of having to choose it from the action list. It did seem like the hidden occupants of each tile were the same between actions/days, so adding an icon to represent occupants once a tile had been visited or explored would be helpful if you plan on building this out more.

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A turn-based survival game


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