Save the earth

A website that help you save the earth

Save the Earth is a website where you can count the good actions you're doing for the earth.

Rate your daily/weekly/monthly actions

  • Choose what you can do to reduce your pollution impact
  • Rate your actions based on your standards
  • Gain experience on differente actions categories

Upgrade your character

  • Gain level in each catagories to gain player levels
  • Unlock new character design
  • Unlock new achievments

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 • 3 years ago • 

Can impact more if made into a mobile app instead of a website (I think). The idea is cool.

 • 3 years ago • 

A very good concept, and a pretty good first version of it!

The website is very intuitive to use, responsive and good-looking overall, so it pretty much works as advertised. If I were to make a suggestion about the presentation, maybe the black & green "hacker"-like theme could be switched to something that fits the concept more (maybe a mix of green and blue on white backgrounds).

Obviously the site is still a bit incomplete to make us adopt it every day, but I'm sure you have a solid start here, all it would need is more features. Here is what I think could help to make this work:

  • Be able to choose objectives ourselves, from a set of "skill trees" or lists (food, waste, electronics, energy, etc.). Upon creating an account you are invited to choose a few objectives to get started.
  • Be able to mark an objective as "complete" (= "I always do this") so you don't have to fill it every day. Once an objective complete you are invited to add the next objectives from the skill tree.
  • Have objectives be customized/masked depending on your situation (eg. I don't want to hear about diapers if I don't have a baby)
  • A home page listing recent activities and progress
  • Social networking (adding friends, getting news/liking each other's activities etc.)
  • A mobile app for Apple Store/Play Store

For future UI/UX maybe you can find inspiration in apps like Duolingo (language learning) and Runkeeper (tracking for sport activities).

 • 3 years ago • 

Cool idea, and I concur: this needs to be an app, maybe even with social functions (I am thinking of! I don't even need an upgradable character, but stats over the days/weeks/months would be much more motivating I think.

 • 3 years ago • 

I like the look and feel of the art, and the concept. The interface was a little broken when I registered (text fields spilled over each other), and I wasn't entirely sure what to do with my character once I registered, other than fill in some immediate slots about what environmentally friendly actions I did.

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