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ran 10-18 August 2019 

Climate Change Jam ended - now rate the entries! 0

ratrogue • 4 years ago 

Again, thank you all for participating, and also sharing and caring. Now it is time to play, comment and rate the games! We thought of three categories:

  • Climateness - how much the game follows the theme of climate change
  • Changeness - how much of an "impact" this game might have, e.g. how educative it is
  • Jamminess - how well the gameplay works

Of course you can add your own interpretation to each of the categories.

Climate Change Jam! 10

ratrogue • 4 years ago 

There aren’t many “serious” game jams out there, which is understandable. Probably because it’s uncomfortable. It doesn’t scream FUN. It might require a bit more thinking. You can't just make a Snake clone and be done with it.

So yeah - let’s have one next month!

About what? About one of the greatest problems of our generation of course! Our planet’s climate is changing, and it’s not for the better. In fact, if we don’t do something about it right now, Earth will be in large parts uninhabitable for humans. Not in the far-away future, but in our lifetime. (And yes, it is our fault.)

What can I do?

While 'game developer' isn't a very useful profession for the (post) apocalypse, maybe it still can be useful for spreading awareness before all this!

Want to be an activist? Try to make a game about fun activities like plogging! How about a fishing game in a pond full of trash? And how will gardening look like in 2050? Maybe you’re more of the scientist type - make little simulations! How will the rising water levels affect your life, our lives? Is there a slim chance we get saved? Or maybe you want you want to debate? Try your luck with climate deniers. Lost all hope? Why not make something apocalyptic which depicts the grim future you envision!

In any case, try to make something with an impact - which means it doesn't even have to be a game. Take the climate protest to the internet by creating something everyone can experience - take part in the Climate Change Jam! It will be a week-long event, commencing from August 10th to 18th (choose your own start time)!

Twitter-Hashtags: #alakajam and #AlakaCCJ

Oh, and this jam is open for everyone, not just the youth.