Falling in love: scientific simulator

Game done for the 4th Alakajam. Subject was "FALLING".

The game lets you drop your heart in hope of falling in love. It will fall amongt obstacles, little blisses and sorrows, an finally… give you a score.

The game has several levels, and you can challenge yourself with the achievements! It can be played with mouse or touch (phone, tablet, …)

Enjoy, and of course all feedbacks are welcome.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).


Drop your heart with skill, and hope for falling in love


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Comments (15)

1 year ago

Now working on iphone and android tablet

1 year ago

Brilliant little idea! I would love some expansion on this!

1 year ago

This was a really cute plinko game. I found myself playing a more than a few rounds to see what each little pick up would do. The phone messaging was a nice touch

1 year ago

Great game you have there. Pretty impressive use of theme. Simple fun concept. Feels like it is too short though. But the use of physics and corresponding sound effects was really nice. Thanks for sharing! This is my 1st Alakajam and it's nice to see games like yours.

1 year ago

I would have never thought of "falling in love", that's more creative that I could have ever been.

1 year ago

Really a unique idea. Keep it UP.

1 year ago

Haha It's kind of like a pinball game but you can't control the environment. It would be nice if there were more variety in the texts =)

1 year ago

"it was certainly worth it" -agreed, Well Done

1 year ago

That's a nice one! The achievement makes me wanna keep playing the game again and again. Too bad. I only managed to get the first one even I tried like 5 or 6 times. :(

Anyway this game is fun to play. :)

1 year ago

Loved it ! The concept made me laught, brillant idea of yours to make this type of game.
I enjoyed the phones messages when the heart touched the icons, in this way I would have love there were more differents (often the same messages).
Simple graphics but efficient.
I would have like too some music.
Awesome work, moreover knowing you made this alone!

1 year ago

Cute little game. The physics was sometimes a bit buggy and it was therefore hard to predict where the heart would go. Also, there are some typos in the messages, but maybe this is on purpose? Very interesting idea.

1 year ago

Pachinko of Love! Stop giving Konami any more ideas…

Hits the theme twice! Gravity is a safe bet, while the love part is actually mostly set dressing. Still, some creativity points there.

Looking for high scoring routes is challenging enough. Some of the levels are much easier than others. It would be nice to be able to choose the level from the menu.

The audio visuals are the weakest link. Functional, but crude.

Solid work.

1 year ago

This is more fun and addictive than it has any right to be. Especially the achievements made it interesting. Some more juice would really polish it off. And maybe procedural levels?

1 year ago

Thank you all for your feedbacks!

@Snowfox "Plinko"! that was the name I was looking for

@Talia : for the record, I wavered a lot between a pinball and just let the heart fall. I decided for the plinko (thx Snowfox ;) ) because it seemed more in the theme.

@rarod That was very nice :)

The first lesson learnt is that I should have made a little effort and write much more text-messages. At the end of the jam I was not reading them anymore, and thus neglected them. It might be a good way to introduce a story or funny words.

Second is the different levels. 2 out of 4 were drawn in the last 15 minutes… and I agree they are difficult and less interesting. I take your idea @thomastc of procedural levels. A friend talked me also about writing successive levels with goals / challenges like in candy crush for example. I like both ideas…

And, of course, I could take some time to have decent graphics, and get open source music.

Your advices and nice messages push me to work a little more and try to propose something more polished and structured.
Thx the community :)

(I'm still eager with comments and ideas if you have any)

1 year ago

I like the game mechanics, but I feel the lack factor is too strong. I sometimes get too many broken hearts that kinda guarantee a negative score. It's addictive though. Good job!

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