Little Architect

In the Elven country life is hard for architects.
You have been proven guilty in a murky affair about bridge collapse and the elf King sentenced you to survive on a very small island in the acid lake of Torgründ.
Of course acid level is rising everyday and your only solution is to build a tower to escape a terrible death.
Thanks to gods, stones are literally falling from the sky in this region, so it should not be a problem for you.

arrow keys : move your architect
(z) jump
(x) + wall : kick or destroy a wall
(x) + up : build a ladder ( consume one plank )
(x) in the air : build a wooden floor.
(up) slow blocks falling speed

ladders and wooden floors can earn you gems if you do them right.
Acid will rise faster as your tower go higher, so try to climb as fast as you can.
Take care of goblins and flurgs. They always ruins everything.

I had no time to finish this game as I intended to.
Be ready for some clunky platform action and maybe some freeze if you are unlucky.
Even the music was stopped in progress, I hope It won't make you ears bleed :)

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Build a tower, get paid with gems and watch it burn in acid


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Comments (6)

24 days ago

Genious gameplay ! Perfect realization ! Little bit hard to understand the control at beggining but after 3-4 game sessions, I start to climb and manage the tower like a nice architect. Excellent game GG !

23 days ago

controls were hard to work out and trying to get your intentions to actually happen.
gamplay was intresting.
there was some odd slownows in stuff when you looked up.
it seems mostly a - can you keep climbing faster then the acid game, lader and bridges were hard to cause to happen when desireed.

22 days ago

Such a cool game! I was already a fan of many of your LD-entries, nice to see that you made a lot of Alakajam-games already as well :-)

Controls are a bit difficult to manage, especially accidentally breaking blocks, and building panic-platforms now and then. Part of the fun I guess!

"murky affair about bridge collapse" - is this a reference to LD38?

@AdroitConceptions: the slowdown is by design as the description says. Wasn't much use to me either though, you mostly have enough time to dodge out of the way and you need all the blocks you can get. You can walk and look up at the same time though, didn't notice that on my first try.

21 days ago

Really interesting game! The gameplay is really original and the atmosphere of the game is really cute.
I was in trouble with the input at the beginning but after that it was really funny.
I especially like the fact that owls can be touch by the rock, a real nice job and I hope you will finish your game !

17 days ago

High marks across the board. Great, consistent retro graphics, sound effects and music. This would have been a great game even without the PICO-8 limitations. Very original and tense, I could see people getting really good at this. I'm not one of those people, mainly because I find the control scheme a bit hard to get used to: the X key just does too many things to wrap my head around.

13 days ago

I'm with Thomastc, great game and great use of the engine.
Really challenging nonetheless.

Hope you had fun and continue your great work

See you next jam!

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