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Day 1 Progress 0

Odrez • 3 years ago 

I have meshes, textures, effects & at least one game mechanic, so I might be able to finish a game tomorrow and not just a walking sim. ✨
I'm fine if it is though and I'll just focus on what I enjoy doing.

First jam where I actually went outside with a camera to get some textures, threw them into Materialize and generated my own diffuse and normal maps to work with.

Boat! 0

Odrez • 3 years ago 

Starting to look and feel like a game 0

Odrez • 3 years ago 

I am super happy about the extra time. Less pressure, made the day much more enjoyable. Plus I was able to iron out some weird performance issues without having to worry about having a stressful evening.

"Level generation" and a bit of gameplay 0

Odrez • 3 years ago 

The only thing still missing is the theme :/

Progress 0

Odrez • 3 years ago 

I needed simple box collision today, happy with the result and definitely reusable for the future :)

tons of bugfixes and code adjustments today, only spent a short time on visuals. But with the things I've implemented I can definitely start adding more interesting stuff. It's always a bit of a challenge to have object-oriented code in PICO, but it's helping a lot to know I can spawn enemies, bullets and boundaries over the same system and as often as the engine allows me to.

Something sidescrolling shooter 0

Odrez • 3 years ago 

Trying to extend my pico scripts a bit more to do something more action-based.

So far:

  • Main character
  • Movement
  • Shooting
  • Movement while shooting

My current thematic vision is having the players reach cellphones to make calls to rescue people. Might change, I'll go to environment generation next. :)

Finished! 0

Odrez • 4 years ago 

I always, always forget about submission hour! But I still made it.

Really proud of my first pico game and it was great working with something pixel & tile based again. Will definitely repeat.

Hope everyone was able to finish their projects or learn enough to compensate for a half project. Happy post-jam!

Preparing for PICO 0

Odrez • 4 years ago 

This will be the first jam where I'll use PICO-8 to create a game and I'm already quite excited!

While I was going through some tutorials I remembered a 2008 netbook I still had in my drawer, et voilà:

It runs xubuntu and now directly boots into PICO-8. Also adjusted Terminator for a C64 feel:

Despite 32bit and single core, pico runs surprisingly well. This thing might be old, but has a solid battery. It's great to have a machine that I just can boot up and start programming, even on the go. :)

Happy Jam everyone!

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