Nobleboy #1668

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We have finished the videogame 1

Nobleboy • 3 years ago 

Our team of 4 have finished our entry.

Heres the trailer:

Heres the itchio link:

Our team consisted of 4 people.

Nobleboy, art

De Yuang, programming

Supreme Peenor Master, programming

Juckey, music.

I worked with Supreme Peenor Master together in my apartment, the guy has the loudest farts imaginable.

This is an announcement of an application to this jam 0

Nobleboy • 3 years ago 

I hereby join this jam with a team potentionally counting 4 heads.

We have been training for this task relentlessly for the past 9 months by keeping our backsides tied to our pewdiepie-branded videogaming chairs.

We have set it as our sole goal to release a videogame that shall make you hurl, cry and defecate upon your brand new supreme-branded t-shirt and sparkling white new Jordans.

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