Kraken Bay

Oye oye !

The engine of your lighthouse is broken, you have to save the maximum of boat by preventing them to crash on the rocks.

To reach this goal, you can direct them with the light of the lighthouse. Turn on your light with mouse left button.

By the way, there is also a Kraken.

Minimal requirement: Java 8

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Help the boats and protect the harbor!


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Comments (10)

2 months ago

Had some trouble launching the game :)

Once you install Java 8
Click on run.bat
have fun

Anyway, great game, did you do most of your sound with your mouth?

Pretty relaxing.

Keep up the good work

2 months ago

Thank you for your feedback :).

Yes, all the sounds were done with my mouth and a Audacity's plugin (TimeMachine).

2 months ago

Really, nice use of theme, I had a little bit of trouble with controls, mainly when ship is centered with tower
but the game was enjoyable. I liked that u add Kraken aswell it adds a bit more depth and content to the game!

2 months ago

had issues with controls until I re-read the details above a few times. Aslo the goal wasn't supper clear intially.

2 months ago

Indeed, this is problematic when the boat is at the screen center. I will fix this in a futur version :).

For the controls, I am trying to clarify it into the description.

2 months ago

Nice game!
Got a bit confused at first when i found out i should keep mouse button pressed.
But very fun game, nice graphics and sound.

2 months ago

Woow the polishes are well worked! A lot of detail in the scene and the atmosphere is excellent. Congrat your game is splendid!

2 months ago

A simple idea executed sufficiently. I have many small pointers though, so let's go.

There is a good amount of detail to the sprites, apart from the ships, which are unshaded. The perspective transformation trick does not look good on them either. The sky is rather bland, yet there is no need to look at it. Audio does its thing.

Directing ships with a lighthouse is visually somewhat thematic, but could be reskinned to something else rather easily. I do find the actual challenge worth while, though. The Kraken mixes things up momentarily, but it never moves and as such can be rather unfair, if it appears in one of the main shipways. Maybe it could reappear in a random position every once in a while.

As a slight improvement to the controls, the ships could also move when touched by the light beam, not only when directly below the spot. This way it would be possible to move multiple ships at the same time, if the opportunity for such a manover arises.

The performance isn't great, but that is probably due to OpenJDK which has had the issue in the past I recall, so it is not your fault.

Well made with minor issues here and there.

Overall: Average (5.0)
Graphics: Above Average (6.0)
Audio: Above Average (6.0)
Gameplay: Above Average (6.0)
Originality: Above Average (6.0)
Theme: Bad (3.0)

2 months ago


  • Quaint visuals and audio, it's a very pleasant atmosphere in this game
  • Original concept for a game, that fits the theme in an interesting way.
  • Simple, but satisying gameplay loop.


  • It can be rather awkward to move ships that are close to light house, expecially when they are directly above it.
  • The music could do with a smoother loop point, as its a little jarring at the moment
  • Little variety in the gameplay, so not much to enjoy from extended or repeated play sessions

Krackin' game matey!

2 months ago

Cute and consistent art and animations. Nice sound effects. Gameplay is a bit shallow though. One thing that might be interesting is if your light beam went all the way to the edge of the screen, and all ships in the beam (not just the one you clicked) would react. That way, you'd need to be a bit more tactical about the exact moment you signal the ships, to avoid affecting other ships (or affect them on purpose).

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