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PHOSPHORUS is one of those games you play on an ancient oscilloscope screen, just like the famous "Tennis for Two".

Since you probably don't have such a device, I made it run in LÖVE instead.

How far can you climb the tower?

A few hints:

  • You can jump higher when you go faster.
  • You can create combos by at least twice in a row skipping one level of the tower. You can get really high scores that way!

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 • 9 months ago  • 

Oh, it's Icy Tower :)

Some feedback:

  • the camera should scroll as you leave the top of the screen, not when you land on a high platform
  • the persistence of vision effect is cute, but it should scroll as well, i.e. camera movement should not result in a vertical PoV line
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LÖVE (all plat. + src, requires LÖVE 11.2) Windows OSX Game Page



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