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The Jamician • 3 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

Having issues submitting your games? An idea to make the site better?
For any question or remark, post a comment below and someone nice will answer!


How do I join?

Before the jam, all you need is to Create an account (one per person). When the week-end comes, simply work on your game, you'll then be able to submit it when you're done. Just make sure to create the game page before the deadline! (Sunday 25th, 7pm UTC for the main competition, 24 hour later for unranked games).

You can also take part in the community by:

  • Writing a blog post, to let us know who you are and what your plans are for the week-end (techs, team, etc.)
  • Submitting and voting on themes during the 2 weeks before the jam
  • Sharing your excitement on Twitter, Reddit or IRC!

After the jam week-end, make sure to take time to review & rate other people's games. That's the only way you'll get enough votes to get a ranking yourself!

What are the rules of the jam exactly?

Check the Detailed event rules page for a full explaination on how the event works.

I'm new to game jams, any tips?

We have a few useful pages in the Docs section of the website. For instance:

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