Wade through the wizard's swamp in search of Gems, but beware the guardian towers and trust nothing that makes its home in the thick mud.

Destroy skulls with your LEFTHAND spell. Collect gems to enable your powerful RIGHTHAND spell to destroy trees.

Xinput/XBOX controllers supported, or Keyboard/Mouse for traditionalists

Made in 48 hours for Alakajam 3 with the theme 'Always Growing'.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (29 entries).

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 • 2 years ago  • 

Easily the best game I've played during this jam. It's like if Hexen had a baby with Devil Daggers. My only gripe some of the sounds are very quiet and some of them don't really fit (like the plate shattering sound when the skulls die), but overall those are minor things. The game is fun, difficult, easy to figure out with lots good audio and visual queues to help you know what to do. Fantastic job!

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis)  • 2 years ago  • 

Really nice game! It's really easy to pick up and play. I can only wish it was a little more fast paced, since the character moves rather slowly (you're in a swamp, I know, but still…) and things take some time to start happening (I could only get 1 gem during the 2 and a half minutes I played). Maybe I did something wrong?

I got skulled pretty fast…

Graphics quality: 1994

pure gold here, my man

 • 2 years ago  • 

This is awesome!! Exactly something you could've seen back in the DOS days, you won my nostalgia points very easily haha!

I like how I had to keep moving and avoiding things and that I couldn't sit still near the tree in the middle, since the electricity things kept me moving around.

My only critique is that the gem spawnrate could maybe be a tad faster, however when the screen was full of skulls I think I saw more gems too.

All in all super good game, very good job!! When I get home from work I'll try to get a better highscore and submit it, my current was little over 2 minutes. :D One of my favorite games here that's for sure!

 • 2 years ago  • 

Loved this a lot, I'm a huge fan of old school DOS games and this hit home only pretty much all fronts haha. The graphics are period correct, the music fits the makes atmosphere perfectly. I assume you've played Devil Daggers? If you haven't it's a similar concept, would have loved to have seen a couple different enemy types that make you prioritize which ones you take out first. But yea 48 hours is pretty short, over all I loved it, great job!

 • 2 years ago  • 

Looks like you really like making a game with some kind of crazy garden.

 • 2 years ago  • 

Pleasantly retro graphics, especially in 640 x 480. The audio is sometimes closer to a cheap, kids halloween themed, edutainment PC CD-ROM software release than a fast-paced, first-person competition, but close enough.

I stayed alive for 4 minutes simply circling the swamp. The center, infested by all them trees, was swarming with skulls, yet it didn't seem to matter much. A clever wizard avoids being the center of attention at all times!

Second time I tried eradicating the evil roots, died in less than 3. Hmm. I would make the individual trees more powerful and the corner areas less useful. Maybe the only way to avoid a lightning strike, which is a brilliant mechanic btw, could be to hide behind a tree forcing the player to get close and into the thick of things.

Good work, nonetheless.

Overall: Good (7)
Graphics: Great (8)
Audio: Good (7)
Gameplay: Average (5)
Originality: Above average (6)
Theme: Good (7)

 • 2 years ago  • 

The audio is a bit anaemic, bit the graphics are great and the gameplay is pretty solid. Keeping the trees under control seems like an impossible task though - maybe a bit of balancing required on that front.

 • 1 year ago  • 

Playing this was quite a blast from the past. The level design reminds me very much of Dead Simple from Doom II, and the skulls (obviously) of Lost Souls. The music is perfect, IMO, and the graphics are great (though the skulls could be a little more pixellated!). The graphics quality option cracked me up.

I wasn't sure how best to use the fireballs - they didn't seem to do much damage, though as I've had to constantly be on the run every time I've played, maybe I just wasn't around to witness the effects. The main thing I'd want to change, though, is the pacing: perhaps make it a teeny bit faster, to match the speed of Doom. I think this would add a hectic edge, making competition over scores pretty thrilling.

EDIT: I just figured out the deal with the fireballs. Very nice! :D

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Wade through the wizard's swamp in search of Gems, but beware the guardian towers and trust nothing that makes its home in the thick mud.





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