Magic Refinery

Click as many blocks as you can!

Blocks of raw magic ore are coming in fast, fresh from the magic mines. Cast your spells in order to refine them into magical orbs!

How to play:

  • Click on any conveyor belt to process a block
  • Spend orbs to upgrade your spells
  • The game ends when your MP runs out

Development Notes:

This was my third game jam, my second time using Godot Engine, and my first Alakajam! Here's a quick rundown of the tools / technologies used:

  • Godot Engine
  • InkScape for all graphics
  • Background Music: Procedurally generated using the "Abundant Music" tool, and then exported with MuseScore
  • BFXR for all sound effects

Change Log:

February 24 @ 4:46 pm CST: Updated web build to fix game-breaking bugs via the following two changes:

  • Removed particle effects since these apparently don't play nice with Chrome
  • Switched all instances of Popup node to a different node type to avoid weird unpredictable behavior in the browser

February 25 @ 10:55 pm CST: Added downloads for Windows and Mac.

  • Note: These keep the above mentioned particle effects that had to be removed from the web build :)

Voting results


This game entered in the Solo competition (37 entries).

Comments (10)

 • 5 years ago • 

The extra mp potions really determined the game outcome for me, and I didn't feel any control over that. The art and audio worked really well, and a bit more control over the outcome would make the game much better.

 • 5 years ago • 

I loose all my mp soo quick, need to play more!! :P

 • 5 years ago • 

Simple and cool, but I miss a few more possible actions to feel I don't just click on the immediate best option. I'd like to be able to create combo situations, and to find meaning in choosing to upgrade a spell or the other.

The realisation is neat, and the game well finished. Good job :)

 • 5 years ago • 

This is a pretty cool idea. At first I didn't get it but pretty quickly I picked up on how the game worked and started getting the hang of it.
I think the balance and number of potions need tweaked? Not sure what your high score is but I got 100 twice and 40 several times and those were the only scores I got.
Also I think there's a bug where potions don't spawn except in the first game? When I refreshed I got potions again.
It's a fun game but because of the current balance issues it feels impossible. With a little bit of tweaking it could be really good. Well suited to mobile too!

 • 5 years ago • 

I feel like this game has potential but it could use some tweaking.

The art is nice but nothing really stands out from another, it looks a bit flat. Maybe you should add more contrast, shadows and some flashyness to some of the important sprites.

If the mechanics were a bit expanded it could be interesting (like adding some interaction between lines) but right now the only true impact the player has on the game is choosing when to take an improvement and which one. It is a bit frustrating since it seems to be mostly luck based.

Some juice could also help make the player feel more active (but you did mention you took out some particle effects).

I guess the main problem is it lacks a bit of personality (art and gameplay wise) but all the rest is there, it's a fully functional game, so I think you can improve on that point easily.

Good job on finishing a game (especially since it seemed you had an even more limited amount of time to make it) !

(@undercode) • 5 years ago • 

Very good playing.
The graphics are beautiful, i really like the style.
The mechanics was also good implemented.
Maybe a little more combos crossing the lines would be a great addition.
You also could have some extra mana potions to buy in the store ;)
Real good moments playing your game.
See you.

(@thesunda) • 5 years ago • 

Nice concept!
I played a couple times to test the RNG on the Mana Potions and still couldn't figure out. At some latter point I couldn't find any MP anymore and just died. This game reminds me of the Bejeweled original concept or even Tetris, both with a twist, thats really lovely.
The graphics are simple. This is okay and expected from a solo entry on GJ. Actually its good that you didn't tried to embrace the whole world with it and kept it simple. I guess that conveys the mechanic and message of the game more easily.
The other aspect that I liked was the music. I find that entries with music/sfx are well enjoyed. My own entry didn't had music, just a single sfx and I know this is a let down. So, good work on that.

For me, obvious additions to this mechanic are more combos and more ways to stay alive.
Awesome work :)

 • 5 years ago • 

A novel design with plenty of room to expand in many directions. Currently there is too much randomness, as mentioned by others.

Choosing which upgrade to go for is an interesting choice for a while, but is hardly useful after the second upgrade. The blocks come in a random order meaning individual blocks are very common rendering the upgrades even less effective.

Usually setting up combos makes matching blocks interesting. In this vein it would be possible to add vertical matching to the mix, giving a reason for further upgrades. Unfortunately the vertical blocks would have to be removed randomly (as there might be multiple possible blocks to remove without enough spellpower), which makes planning ahead rather difficult.

Another possibility is to add purchasable bombs, which can destroy unwanted blocks, and/or morph spells to change the type of blocks.
Resource management with enough choices is key, reaching those much coveted MP blocks with clever use of a variety abilities.

Something like that, back to the scoring!

The graphics are consistent and informative, nothing spectacular. The sound effects and music work well together, although the autogenerated nature of the music does shine through.

Magic and the idea of spells is more or less tacked on. This could be any kind of a factory or just an abstract set of icons (or jewels as the typical example goes).

Summing up. Not bad, could go to places with more development. As of now, lacking a bit in other places.

Overall: Above Average (6.0)
Graphics: Above Average (6.0)
Audio: Above Average (6.0)
Gameplay: Above Average (6.0)
Originality: Good (7.0)
Theme: Bad (3.0)

 • 5 years ago • 

This was a fun little concept for a puzzle game! At first, I didn't encounter any MP recovery items, so I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do to get MP back. Click one of each color in order? Make a full column the same color? When I saw the bottles it clicked, but there's definitely some other options you could consider there.

The only real gripe I have with this game is that MP bottles don't spawn often enough. In fact, nine games out of ten I wouldn't even see a single one in the entire playthrough. I think there should be numbers next to each conveyor that show you how far away the next bottle is from arriving, and they should never exceed 9 until much later in the game. But to be honest, having other ways to recover small amounts of MP with combos would add a bit more strategy than anything else, and make the moment-to-moment puzzling a lot more engaging.

Everything else was great! I liked the art and music, and the upgrade system was something to work towards and directly linked to the current board state. I just wanted to play a single run for longer, and always lost because the MP bottles weren't there for me. Well done for a weekend's work!

 • 5 years ago • 

Yeah those juddery particles eh… last time I looked, they still weren't fixed in 3.1 beta :( Otherwise, great to see more Godot entries (though mine isn't among them, this time).

Got 86 on the first try. The second and third, I ran out of MP without having seen a single flask of the stuff, so the RNG needs a bit more work.

From the screenshot, I somehow expected some deeper gameplay. But there doesn't seem to be much more to it than from picking those conveyors for which you have upgrades, and picking upgrades based on the current state of the conveyors. Neither of these are really interesting choices – unless I'm missing something!

That said, the graphics are really nice and coherent, with just the right amount of background visuals to set the mood without getting distracting (or taking too much game jam time!). The music sounds very complete and works quite well, even if it's a bit generic (I typed this before I saw that it was actually procedural). Sound effects are pretty good too, except the "buy" sound which sounds too retro in comparison. To make it less repetitive, you could consider pitching up and down randomly.

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