Street Bots

Pokemon inspired retro adventure rpg

Street bots is a 2D rpg inspired by pokemon.

Entering a world of street-fighting miniature robots, the player takes control of a teenage girl and her very first foxbot.

Explore the town, battling and learning about street bots in the process. With a large number of NPCs to speak to, opponents to battle and three playable bots to collect there are a multitude of different features to explore.

Deciding to take part in the 5th Kajam late, I joined the month long event just 10 days before the final submission date. Despite my productivity taking a huge hit for several days due to a nasty illness I am still very happy with what I produced. I created this project entirely solo.

Game created in Unity.

Graphics created in Piskel and GraphicsGale.

Music created with

This is the first project I have ever created music for so that was certainly new. Had a lot of fun working on this game, very glad I decided to join in!

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 • 5 years ago • 

Reminds me of gameboy pokemon in a good way. I liked the artwork and cute pixel art characters. I found the battle system a bit confusing to understand at first, but I've never been good at turn-based RPGs.

  • 5 years ago • 


Reminds me of gameboy pokemon in a good way. I liked the artwork and cute pixel art characters. I found the battle system a bit confusing to understand at first, but I've never been good at turn-based RPGs.

Thats the feel I was going for so thank you :)
Would've liked to have done a proper battle tutorial that walked you through it but ended up not having time. It's really as simple as "Some moves charge energy, some use it and are stronger" but you just kind of have to work it out for yourself at the moment haha.

 • 5 years ago • 

Hey there =) just playing through this game now and it's really fun! I love Pokémon, so this is really nostalgic for me!

The art looks bright and fun - coloured retro art is always so nice - and I laughed at the guy who said "You're not coming into my room dude" :D

Musically, if you've never done anything before like that then it was a great start. I'm happy that you made a different battle theme and throne room theme, too!

There were three things I noticed:

  • When you move, the character seems to stop and start again.
  • Sometimes (possibly related to the first thing) you end up "overshooting" :D
  • I saw that you only had a small amount of time to complete the game, and so some features (such as items?) are left out, along with assets such as the invisible egg!

Besides that, the only other thing was that the game didn't last long enough! Great job Ztuu! :3

 • 5 years ago • 

Pretty fun, certainly reminded me of playing jrpgs on gameboy back in the day, especially the always weird selection of enemies. I never actually tried the pokemon games so can't compare too much. Couple of things that occured to me, would have liked to be able to use keyboard to select the options in battle etc, I always find alternating between keyboard and mouse a bit weird, and sticking to the limited buttons would have been more retro :) . As @KaramBharj said The stop start walking was a little bit strange. Also in the battles I sometimes felt a bit confused about was was going on in terms of what damage I had done etc, the classic scrolling text box with info would have done the trick, or something else. A bit of animations for the attacks or somethng would have been a nice touch too ideally.
I liked the sense of exploration from having different areas and NPCs to talk to.
Appreciated having different music for different stuff happening to add to the atmosphere. Good job on the music for a first time especially.
Had fun, played till the end.

  • 5 years ago • 

@KaramBharj Thanks for playing Karam! The music was certainly a challenge, I've never even tried making it before haha. So I appreciate the kind words.
Yeah the movement wasn't perfect and I wish I'd had time to fix it because it just didnt feel right.
It would've been nice to add more complexity to the battle system such as items, it would definitely add to the depth of the game.
I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing :)

@automatonvx All of the thingsyou brough up are points I would've loved to include. Because I started running out of time at the end I had to prioritise some things over others. I definitely wanted keyboard only controls and animations in the battle would've added a lot to it I think. Thanks a lot for playing, I'm really glad you played to the end!

 • 5 years ago • 

Ohhhh, I really enjoyed playing this one! As a kid I played pokemon red and blue over and over on my old gameboy and I really enjoyed it. Your game brought up some very nice memories of those games, so great job there!
The artwork and the sounds are great! I enjoyed batteling my way to the king and the only drawback was, that your game was over so quickly. However, I didn't find the third playable bot, which is a pitty.

The controls are intiutive, but however there seems to be a little lag or delay with the movement. This could be related to the input settings if you are using axis in unity and can easily be solved by changing parameters.
Nevertheless, this is an awesome game, especially given the fact that you joined late.

 • 5 years ago • 

That was really cool! I love Pokemon so much, and your Thumb Bot is great! I echo the frustration with the movement, I think its just that the walk animation is a little slow.

Design-wise, the energy system seemed like not the best fit for the game, it seemed to just limit the options available to you making battles play out very similarly.

I am definately inspired to make a pokemon game though, I never really considered it even though I'm a huge fan.

Also, do robots come from eggs? I need to check on that…

  • 5 years ago • 

@Laguna Thanks for playing. You can get a bomb scare from the guy in the first street after you beat him in a battle. I'm guessing thats the one you missed. I'm glad you enjoyed :)

@Kleinzach Yeah I think without more complexity the battle system was a bit limited. If you find out about robot eggs let me know :D I'm glad I have at least 1 thumbzo appreciator ;)

(@xXBloodyOrange) • 5 years ago • 

I also really like that game. :)
Especially the graphics. I like that you can enter the houses and that each house has diffrent interior.
One also has an van Gogh paining. :D
It took me a little to figure out the battle system. That you have to build up energy before you can use the strong attacks. I fought the boss with Thumbzo. :D and I also got the Bomb Scare.

One thing I noticed, but it looks like no one else had this "problem", was that I had to press space 2 times before I was able to talk to people.
But all in all a great game :D

  • 5 years ago • 

@xxBloodyOrange You're the first person to mention the Van Gogh, I appreciate that ;) Thats cool you found everything, I'm impressed. That's peculiar you had to push space twice, although I think I occassionally found a bug like that while testing but it was never consistent so I'm not sure what it was. Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed and appreciate your feedback :)

 • 5 years ago • 

Ohh this game really gave me some nostalgia. I loved playing pokemon on my game boy as a kid and this game feels really similar. I liked the graphics, they remind me of those old EGA DOS games from the late 80s/early 90s.

When I was fighting my first battle I was wondering if the buttons didn't work properly. But after figuring out you need to generate energy first before using the other attacks, the confusion cleared up quickly. :D
It would probably be helpful if you added some kind of visual clue (like greying out buttons you can't press) and/or a message telling the player you need to generate energy first.

The player movement was a little bit weird like @KaramBharj said but it wasn't too bad.

I really enjoyed playing your game! :)

 • 5 years ago • 

That Clickey Mouse, best bot ever! I wanted it so much, too bad I couldn't exchange bots against it x)

A great little adventure that reminded good memories of Pokemon games. Despite the obvious tribute, I was pleased with the actual effort to make something a bit different, with this idea of collectible/modifiable bots that share XP, the energy system etc. The battles may not be very deep, but after all Pokemon itself could be beaten by just grinding/boosting a creature or two like crazy then just firing the same couple attacks. Oh and in your game, charging up enough energy for the 3rd attack, dealing massive damage was quite satisfying :)

The pixel art was also pretty cool, especially for the character animations and the house interiors. Enjoyed the humor as well, which mixed up some Pokemon-like humor with randomly breaking the 4th wall. The latter could have felt lazy in other games but here I didn't mind.

No issue with the movement controls either, I felt it was part of the retro feel. Speaking of retro, things would have felt more authentic if it was fully played with the keyboard. Also, maybe a more careful selection of the color palette could have replaced the "MSPaint feel" of sorts with a more retro console flair.

Overall a very enjoyable game, great work *thumbs up*

  • 5 years ago • 

@Thunraz I totally agree about the buttons, a nice visual effect would make it much clearer! I'm glad you enjoyed though!

@Wan thanks a lot for your comments! I'm really glad you appreciated the feel I was going for with the game. I totally agree that the mouse controls and buttons broke the retro theme. It would've been a lot more fitting fully keyboard based, including the menus and stuff. I'll need to get clickey mouse implemented for you in the future then :P I like that everyone had different favourites, it was great :D

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