Whale whale whale, ...

Tip: You can hold down the mouse button on either of the + and - buttons instead of clicking repeatedly.

I had a lot of fun creating this. My highlight has to be the recording of whale sounds. If they didn't before, my neighbours now think I am totally nuts.
I do wish I had more time (as usual) and would have refined the gameplay mechanics. I had a ton of ideas to add but I would also have liked to refine the way whale-steering works. Whale, it is what it is. Hope you like it!

Engine: Unity
Animation: Spine
Gfx: Illustrator
Music: Reaper

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 • 5 months ago  • 

I love the intro with the knowledge about whales. It's awesome! :)

I like wales. <3

 • 5 months ago  • 

The controls and movement mechanic is unique and fun. The intro is funny, and the visuals and audio are atmospheric. However, the distance between the onscreen buttons makes it a little hard to control.

 • 5 months ago  • 

The intro was enjoyable and the atmosphere is both humorous and nice. The concept is entertaining briefly, although the core of the gameplay feels a bit lacking. Also, the water noise sounds like you're dripping water into a metal bowl. May I suggest using a different material? The metalic noise breaks the atmosphere a little bit. I guess it adds to the humor at the same time though. xD

Good work.

 • 5 months ago  • 

Hope to control with keyboard.

Nice whale~~~

 • 5 months ago  • 

The humor in this game is great, the contrast with the atmospheric ambiance, music and graphics and the absurdity of watching a whale swimming backwards works perfectly. I found that it was easier to control the whale using only one bladder (never thought I'd say this sentence one day).
I really liked this entry good job!

 • 5 months ago  • 

I love this type of absurd humor. Controls are also very creative. The picture of the whale in your last post made me find this game. Graphics look gorgeous and really add up to the atmosphere.

Good job, awesome entry!

 • 5 months ago  • 

Hahaha, the sound effects were the best! Not sure why there were two diving bladders though, with the mouse, I was only really able to user one. Getting input from the sticks on a controller would have been ideal, but keyboard input would have been cool too.

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon)  • 5 months ago  • 

This is a beautiful game and quite unique as well. I agree with some of the others that keyboard controls would have made it a bit easier to play, but I did enjoy the challenge none the less. And the atmosphere is great as well. Good job!

 • 5 months ago  • 

I wanted more whale "facts"! The ambience with all the whistling and humming was a funny whalesong rendition. It took me a second to understand that the controls represented a clockwise torque and an anticlockwise torque, not actual bladder masses, so when the whale first went belly up, I was a bit confused. But then I wished the difficulty scaled more steeply with the depth :) It didn't feel much more difficult at 2km than it did at 300m.

 • 5 months ago  • 

This was funny but also pretty strongly depressing. Poor whales :( what hope do they have in an ocean filled with so many cannisters, particularly when they're relying on me to pilot them safely through it. Amazing presentation, 9/10 would sadly whale again

 • 5 months ago  • 

It's very atmospheric! Which is good, since that puts you in the mood for the patience this game requires (which in turn helps with the atmosphere).

I also was curious as to what the surface would look like. That's how I got my whale to a glorious deth of minus 74 meters, loop-de-looped, and dived back into the depths ;-)

 • 5 months ago  • 

Very atmospheric game, I enjoyed it a lot. It was really relaxing to play. I wished there was a way to control it with the keyboard as clicking with the mouse was a bit annoying.

 • 4 months ago  • 

The subtitle could describe Moby Dick as well as this game ;) At least, the part where the narrator stubbornly insists that those crazy scientists have it wrong: if it swims in the sea, it must be a fish.

This is a really original idea, and well executed. Too bad you need to show a lot of the surroundings, which makes the whale feel less massive than it should, but the slow turning rate partly makes up for that. About the turning: I think the physics are a bit off because filling up the front bladder and emptying the rear one made me dive down, as expected… then it just kept on turning, and I ended up upside down :)

The sound effects and music are a perfect fit.

Graphically it's simple but very effective, consistent and outright beautiful, with the smooth, majestic animations and everything.

I would have liked to have keyboard controls, so you can keep your eyes on where you're going, instead of on your mouse cursor.

 • 4 months ago  • 

This game is really awesome!!

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A scientifically inaccurate and simply wrong presentation of whales and their anatomy





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