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Users can submit game made during any jam, even external ones. You can add your ownfrom your Dashboard.

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Sail the high seas to unravel a ghost pirate mystery!
Wake of the Scarlet Siren
by esarkis, Balidoria, Hairykerr, Klaytronic, LucasMaliniak, Wingxvii, anitahehe
on 16th Alakajam!
Conspiracies all the way! Roguelike dungeon crawl.
████████ – Where's █████th @ ?
by Aurel300
on 2nd Alakajam!
Get your wires crossed and live the high speed life of a telephonist in this switchboard sim!
Hello, Operator?
by dorkulon, cloakedninjas, treslapin
on ScoreSpace x Alakajam!
Snake on a hexagon grid
Hexagon Snake
by Thunraz
on November Challenge 2018
​Race against your opponent in this physics based kayaking game!
River Racing
by Banana, Ben2508
on 17th Alakajam!
Explore long lost Ancient Ruins, until it all goes wrong and you have to escape!
Relic of The Past
by Banana, Ben2508
on 11th Alakajam!
Use your attuned sense of smell to find truffles and live the high-speed life of a cute little pig, but watch out for foxes!
Truffle Kerfuffle!
by dorkulon, cloakedninjas, treslapin
on 14th Alakajam!
Use echo-location to eat all the flies in the cave
by DiningPhilosopher, Papaver
on 12th Alakajam!
A game about a cat casting spells.
The Spellca{t}ster
by neverix
on 5th Alakajam!
action RPG - use fire to light your way as you delve for treasure,
Trial by Fire
by James_Deans_Jeans
on 2nd Alakajam!
An HTML adventure game
Ghost Heart
by heyheyhey
on 13th Alakajam!
Short platforming game where you're a little bunny trying to escape a cave, thing is, you're competing against a turtle.
Carrot Cave
by veryeviltomato, Antkibo
on 6th Alakajam!
You're a robot harvesting space fruits.
The Garden Game
by GanbareGames
on 3rd Alakajam!
Destroy your opponent's tower and make him fall to the ground in utter embarrassment
Wizard duels
by dollarone
on 4th Alakajam!
A scientifically inaccurate and simply wrong presentation of whales and their anatomy
Whale whale whale, ...
by TimTips
on 8th Alakajam!