████████ – Where's █████th @ ?

Conspiracies all the way! Roguelike dungeon crawl.

Where's the truth @?

  • Roguelike dungeon crawler
  • Procedurally generated conspiracy stories
  • ███████ when █████ at █████████

Control with WASD or arrow keys. Click to look around (to spot enemies, walls, and items). C to toggle your inventory. F to toggle fullscreen. Don't forget to ███████ the ███████!


  • Feb 26th - fixed the hang on "Generating story …"; please let me know if the game freezes at any point (a screenshot of the console after this happens would be appreciated) - also the armour was balanced properly

Photo assets used

The following photos were used (and processed) to create some of the visuals in the game:

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

Comments (14)

 • 6 years ago • 

Also, a UFO crashed.

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • 6 years ago • 

A roguelike with UFO conspiracy theories? Count me in!

I gotta say the use of the "newspaper" format and everything to create the dungeons was very, very clever. Very original man.

 • 6 years ago • 

Awesome as always! Keep it up!

 • 6 years ago • 

This feels like the start of something great, awesome way to convey a story

 • 6 years ago • 

Love the idea, can't get the game to load past "Generating Story…" though

 • 6 years ago • 

It's an interesting idea and the pixel art is good, but you might want to reduce the volume on the SFX for when you're looking around. It's kinda grating.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I was getting really lucky with drops, but after I got my first armor item(which I kept swapping out and getting new ones over time) I would take 0 damage and I didn't need the(amazingly named) food items. Were the "of doom" items supposed to be really rare? I finished with like 3 of them.

The game itself is still pretty high quality. Let me know if I was just getting really lucky with drops.

  • 6 years ago • 

Thanks all!

@coleycaves Sorry about that, should be fixed now :)

 • 6 years ago • 

Really original I've gotta say, I traps you, a spent a very good while playing it, a really like how the enemies are the words written in the paper and how everything works around that concept! I also really liked the use of "clicking to see" mechanic, its very clever. Nice work!

 • 6 years ago • 

Nice game with a buch of new Ideas to the roguelike genre and you have quite some content plus procedural generation which is a lot of stuff to do (even solo) during a weekend. respect!
The graphics are awesome and the idea of having enemies as letters is great.

i did felt a little bit lost however when it comes to gameplay. Some sort of introduction/tutorial level could take this a whole lot further (i know, i know, time constraints, but if you want to keep working on this, that's where I'd start).

 • 6 years ago • 

This is so cool and looks like a huge work to program and polish!

I don't know if I'm missing something or I just have bad luck finding items. For a roguelike maybe it lacks a bit of pacing, but it's amazing.

The art is so dang cohesive and everything feels so carefully put together and thought out.

Great work!

 • 6 years ago • 

Lolwut dat title?! I love how it teaches the mechanics through the "main menu", and even the inventory is navigated using the same controls. It's impressive how much you got done, and polished, in such a short time. Did you draw the photos by hand too?

It got a lot easier after I discovered that you have to equip the goodies that you pick up.

My main gripe would be (but maybe this is common in roguelikes) that it all feels a bit pointless. You're not uncovering any story, because the story snippets barely make sense and aren't coherently connected.

Is gold (and the items' value) good for anything, except your stats at the end? I haven't encountered any olde shoppes or something. And I was "overburdened" all the time, but didn't notice any ill effects from that.

 • 6 years ago • 

This is a great hommage to roguelikes and… conspiracy theories?! Nice job once again, the art, animations and overall levels of polish are through the roof for a week-end entry. Not mentioning you probably had a lot of work towards various aspects of level generation.

I'll soon be out of superlatives but I found the gameplay elements really impressive as well, with a fake-roguelike combat system that actually works and takes a while to master. You even added player leveling & inventory management on top of that, which rounds it up as a pretty complete and replayable game.

The main issue I could see is that I've encountered a good portion of empty-ish or uninteresting rooms, which is okay in the first dungeons but makes the game a bit repetitive at a point. More foes & items, plus more obvious indicators of your progression (I don't think the dungeons are numbered? nor the hero levels actually) would help.

All in all, a top-tier game that makes me wonder if Haxe comes with a generateGreatJamEntry() function.

 • 6 years ago • 

Amazing presentation (seems to be a theme with your games) and utterly insane. I wish the stories were a little more linked and that traversing a map revealed more of the same story to help motivate me to explore more thoroughly. Perhaps that's what is happening and i just failed to realise. But I did realise that this is a great entry with a great loader

 • 6 years ago • 

OK, fantastic roguelike interface, I loved that I used this even to handle menus, very wall-breaking.

To the opposite having to use the mouse for some actions while most of the interface is keyboard-controlled felt a bit immersion breaking. Wanted my leave both hands on the keyboard.

Liked you graphical design / choice of colors a lot; nice "pseudo-textual" style. Also the theme is perfectly respected.

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