(Pronounced "Co-op-er-oids"; it's a portmanteau of "cooperation" and "asteroids".)

An asteroids game with single player and local multiplayer (1-4 players), and excellent spacey music provided by the brilliant @wan.

The SFX are (badly) procedurally generated and so a bit crumbly. I might get around to fixing this later.

Created for the Coop Jam MiniLD 74. Original entry here.

NOTE: for the tournament you want the web version, i.e. the "Tournament Edition".

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The Jamician
(@administrator) • 10 months agoedited

Our review:


  • Lets you take on a classic with friends
  • Challenging but fun gameplay
  • Excellent 3D intro & game over art


  • Haven't got to see the ending yet!

(@CMLSC) • 25 days ago

Whenever I lose, I get the gameover screen and the game restarts in the background, but my score is removed, so I have nothing to take a screenshot of.

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An asteroids clone for 1-4 local players. Created for MiniLD-74 (the Coop Jam).




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