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23 days ago

I've played this a few times over now and am having a blast. The animation is great (more sprite layering?) and the music fits well. I think the main menu is very classy, and the core dynamic is simple but hugely effective. I'd love to see it go further (multiplayer please? :P).

Still miles away from your score but I'm hoping to close the gap ;)

23 days ago

@toasty The drawing on the floor in the tutorial level is 90% of what you need to know to do a lot better. I'm glad you liked it! yes this was a project I just did after following hearthbeast's tutorial on sprite stacking (where you make a racecar). I made my own version and liked a lot how it moved and looked so I tried to design some maps to race on :)

Whenever I get around learning how to multiplayer in GM i'll start with turning this into multiplayer :D

18 days ago

I had A LOT OF FUN playing this. I wish I could disable the music though, it is not reflective of my emotional journey as I manage to finally take a corner without smashing into a wall. Awesome stuff.


18 days ago

@voxel Oh god that time is ridiculous. I'm happy that somebody finally cracked my game open! I hope your video inspires others, your moves are so clean.

I added that you can mute the music with M just for you! :)

EDIT: And there are actually some small mistakes in the video X.X I wonder if sub-30 is possible. I'll have to do some runs myself.

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