Explore an archipelago, seduce other sailors

Explore an archipelago and encounter fellow explorers who may help you discover more of your map! There's no time limit, or goal, beside simply exploring, so you may just play until you start to get bored of it.


  • arrows to move around
  • [o]/z to confirm dialogue options
  • [x]/x to look at your map

Patch notes:
I did a very quick update, mainly to fix a very dumb error on my part that slowed the game A Lot. But to be honest I also optimised other things as well so that the game would only very rarely slow down. (I hope that is acceptable, the gameplay was not changed at all) I also fixed a few bugs. Here's the change list:

  • overall rendering optimizations
  • fixed a bug that created a water effect only outside (instead of inside) the screen
  • fixed item text appearing under trees
  • fixed swapped item text for blue crystal and golden skull

I'm working on a post-jam version which will have sound, more polish, more fixes (looking at you, explorers getting stranded on islands), and maybe one or two more features. Please do check back in a few days if you are interested. :)

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Comments (8)

 • 3 years ago • 

Your running animation is fabulous!

 • 3 years ago • 

Beautiful production! Really love the vfx for the water!
But… what is the objective? :D
Cause I scout a big part of the map and found only coconut, skull, gold and flower (and some guys who improve my map ! :o)

 • 3 years ago • 

Interesting concept - I liked the graphics and animations.

The map reveal dots was a very nice concept for tracking exploration - however, at approx 99.8% exploration all dots seemed to be visible on the map. I managed to get an additional .1%, through map trading, bringing me up to 99.9%, at which point I was unable to find any more people with maps revealing the very last bit, even after searching the world for an additional 30 minutes. Quite annoying ;-)

A few points for improvement:

  • I think the blue crystal and golden skull are swapped, their names seemed to matched to the graphic of their opposite.
  • The trees sometimes obscured the floating text with the pickup names.
  • The rafts had a tendency to become stuck on land, potentially marooning the player (at one point I had to restart, another I managed to steal the raft of a fellow explorer instead).
  • The running animation became "stuck" after a while, no longer looping through the frames.

The trading mechanic (including having different "personalities" of the different explorers, some more hostile than others) was a nice touch.

 • 3 years ago • 

You know… I run exactly the same way!

A good little game. Good transitions.

 • 3 years ago • 

Haha, I love the walk animation, reminds me of Johnny Depp in Pirates :D The rest of the graphics are very cute too.

The main thing I'm missing (apart from sound) is more variety in the worlds. If every island looks the same, has the same(ish) kinds of objects and the same kinds of people, it gets boring fairly quickly. Having some kind of objective would of course also help with this.

 • 3 years ago • 

Neat little island romp. Faffing about got to 67% then gave up. Any kind of a goal to work towards would help in this regard. For instance, a temple on one of the islands requiring one of each item. This could be combined with some of the islanders having special items which have to be traded for with lower tier stuff.

The map buying concept is under used as it is possible to just run around and figure it out all yourself. If there were survival aspects and the distances were longer, then buying maps for the other islands would make sense from a mechanical stand point.

And, uff, those people are hideous looking. No wonder they crave compliments!

 • 3 years ago • 

Unfortunately I spawned in the middle of the ocean on the edge of the map at first, so I spent 12 minutes wondering around while being confused about not finding any islands. It would've been nice if the player were forced to start on an island so that this doesn't happen. I decided to restart it and give it another go. Fortunately for me, I spawned next to an island, so I played the game as normal.

I feel like a lot was put into this game considering the fact that it was made in under 48 hours. The visuals were nice and I enjoyed wandering around once I was on an island. While there wasn't a whole lot done here that was new, I think that the game was very well put together overall.

 • 3 years ago • 

Hey Rémy! The map is so big, loved to explore it. very nice water and map reveal animations.

The environment feels alive, the slow camera tracking provides some kind of hazy feeling I though was quite immersive.

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