Code of Honour

A duel must be. Define your steps. And may the best moustached person win.

Did you know that, as part of the Duelling Code of Honour, both contestants must declare ahead of time exactly which actions they were going to take throughout the duel? Neither did we, but it's true! We read it on the internet!

Each duellist starts out with 6 bullets and 6 health points, so in order to win, you must make every bullet count (and do so before the opponent does).


  • Choose a command to place from the buttons on the left. Hover over them to see what each command does.
  • Left mouse button to place commands, right click to remove.
  • Space bar to start the duel!
  • (Secret debug keys: PgUp/PgDown to go to the next/previous level.)

Tested in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Made with Godot 3.1.1, Aseprite and perenijsjes.

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This game entered in the Team competition (19 entries).

Comments (9)

 • 5 years ago • 

Wow, this is incredible. The kind of game I'd like to come up with. Super-elegant zachtronics flavor while sticking super elegantly with the theme.

This is just incredible and you shoudl definitely refine it and release it if you can.

I'm available for pixel art even, maybe :D

Amazing work!

 • 5 years ago • 

Super cool game! I wish there was a help screen to describe all the commands or some sort of tutorial.
Would have loved a music track. The graphics and sounds work well together. The fast forward button is much appreciated. The characters look dashing :D.

 • 5 years ago • 

This game is super cool!
It's very smart and funny, you can be proud!

 • 5 years ago • 

pew ow pew pew ow pew pew ow pew pew ow

Can it be better? I don't think so.
Smart, inventive, multiple level.
Audio is funny and add to the simplicity

Your game is the slickest.
+1 for you
GG I hope to see more next jam!

 • 5 years ago • 

Awesome idea and amazingly executed!

Somebody give this man a cookie!!!1!

 • 5 years ago • 

A competent command planning (?) puzzle. I've played these types before, but never with shooting involved. The visuals are great: very consistent and functional. Audio too is fitting and charming, there's just too little of it.

There's a bigger lack in difficulty. The 5 odd levels can all be completed with very similar command patterns. Basically waiting in front of the shoot command, and shooting at a position where the enemy is guaranteed to be (usually after they have shot and moved on for a bit). The random tiles didn't change much as a result, while the move when enemy on bell tiles have potential, but were only used in the last level. Can't complain about a lack of levels due to jam time constraints.

These issues could be remedied with more mechanics or even multiple enemies! Here are a few ideas for additional enemy commands:

  • mirror other (simply does what the player character is doing at the moment when stepping on this command)
  • shield for X turns (enemy can sometimes walk into this command changing the window for a clear shot later)
  • disable/enable another command

Adding more mechanics increases the time needed to deduce each level and of course adds variety. The theme does fit at the moment, even if quite obvious, but might become a hindrance if you choose to continue this project.

The only small bug I noticed is the visual for the bell when on top of an enemy command. It becomes so transparent that at first I thought it was not possible to have a bell on top of an enemy command at all.

Well crafted and fun to play. The issues aren't major. Good job.

Overall: Good (7.0)
Graphics: Great (8.0)
Audio: Above Average (6.0)
Gameplay: Good (7.0)
Originality: Good (7.0)
Theme: Above Average (6.0)

 • 5 years ago • 

Excellent entry, very fond to Zachthronic's game design foundation, this was a very fun game to play. Some free music would've been nice.

 • 5 years ago • 

fun, and a nice take on the theme. Played a couple of these code sequence puzzle type games but none with shooting or duel mechanic before which definitely adds to the fun. It took me a couple of minutes at the beginning to figure out how the system works but i guess thats easily fixed with a tutorial if you made a full version. Art was ok to get the game across, i liked the depiction of the characters :), only thing letting you down a bit was the audio, using vocals for sfx always sounds pretty weird to me, bfxr is my goto for almost zero time retro sfx generation. Some music, even like a second just for victory, losing etc. would have been nice, but really I can't think of much to criticise, hmm maybe drag and drop for commands would be nice..maybe, I'm really struggling :). Nice work

 • 5 years ago • 

Excellent little game. I like the original yet intuitive gameplay and the strict "every bullet must hit" requirement. At first I thought I just had to kill before I got killed, but it got a lot more interesting in the later levels. Great idea and execution! Some music would have been nice. The speedup-button was a godsend, thank you.

This is a perfect take on the theme - well done!

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