The Goliath-Problem

A boss battle where you battle against the odds!

Defeat the mighty Goliath in this epic battle!

I am so happy with this project, did all of this in roughly 14 hours and I made everything, even the sounds, myself!

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There are some collision bugs, first I wanted that you needed to jump on the hands to head Goliath's head but you can also just jump and attack :3

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 • 4 years ago • 

Loved the look of this! Fantastic drawings

 • 4 years ago • 

I love the cartoony designs, gameplay feels a bit rough due to some weird collisions, great entry nonetheless. The mixup between 3D and 2D was pretty interesting.

 • 4 years ago • 

Very cool! Love the fight, actually requires some skill, the art is neat.

The Unity physics really hurt it a bit, tho. Movement is a tad too floaty.

 • 4 years ago • 

Feels like it would be a great boss battle for a bigger game!

 • 4 years ago • 

Loved the graphics and the idea was fun. Great game dude well done.

  • 4 years ago • 

@Snorre @veryeviltomato @Raindrinker @trygve @KeithorKeith thank you all for the sweet comments! Yeah i'm aware that I the collisions in this game are a mess, my fault for making the movements to quick of the enemy, so that you can easaly glitch out of the attack, also jumping against the hand was annoying, I think I could fix that with better game design but eh…. thank you all for playing my game!

 • 4 years ago • 

Had a bit of an issue with the screen size on the web version. Had to maximize the screen to get it the right size.

Anyways. This was super fun! The drawn art for the game has a very Castle Crashers vibe which I adore. The battle is a bit tricky until you get the patterns down.

I did find the 3D aspects jarring in comparison with the 2D art. Was there a reason this was rendered in 3D and not 2D? (Watching the giant head fall and clunk with Physics was kinda funny though).

Very well done!

 • 4 years ago • 

The game looks very good, especially the 2D part (the 3D graphics are kind of minimalistic).
What I don't really like are the controls. Especially the sword action is pretty slow and seems to fire after a delay. More responsive fight controle would have been welcome.
Impressive how much you got done in 48 hrs.

  • 4 years ago • 

@SnowFox Yeah, the screen size was a bug I couldn't fix, rebuilding everything with the right screensize would take me to long, I made the project 2.5D, I hoped I could model an arena as background in Blender but didn't have enough time, that's also an answer on your comment @maartene , thank you both for the compliments on the 2D art! I'm glad my years of drawing didn't completly go to waste :D, and then at last for @maartene yeah I felt it too, but only when I was playing the game after jam hours, could fix that with better game design and planning but mistakes were made, will do better next time! Thank you both for playing my game and giving so much feedback! Hoped you two enjoyed the game

 • 4 years ago • 

Really cool game ! Boss fights are pretty rare in jam games and I like them. It works pretty well even with the collision bugs, the goliath has a decent amount of patterns and overall it's really impressive for 14h hours of work ! The game over and win screen are also a nice touch.

I liked the art, the goliath health bar is particurlarly neat ! It just lacked a bit of consistency for instance with the 3D platforms (but that's due to time constraints). Speaking of 3D, was there a specific reason for that choice ? In my opinion the game would be fine in 2D especially if the world art style matched the characters.

If you plan on working some more on the game here are a few tips that could improve it :

  • The character kind of slides on the plateform which feels a bit weird and makes you less precise. I believe a quick and simple cut out walk animation could also add a lot.
  • Obviously fixing the collision bug would be cool.
  • It's great you made music and sfx for the game from scratch. However I think you can still improve them, the music gets repetitive and the digital sfx doesn't really match the action, for instance on damage inflicted or received (maybe an "aouch" voice recording or a royalty free sword slash could do the trick)

Had to retry a few times to beat the game and it was a fun experience ! Great job, you can be proud of yourself !

 • 4 years ago • 

The game reminded me of Wham Bam Rock boss fight from Kirby.

The characters and the GUI look good, but the area you fight in could use some work as it's just boxes. The fight itself was a bit easy, although that's probably a good thing for a game jam entry. The jumps were a bit floaty and there was a lot of sliding.

The boss attacks were interesting. I think it would've been nice if there were some sort of attack that required you to jump to not get hit.

Overall, good work!

  • 4 years ago • 

@Ashtrail Thank you for all the nice comments! And yeah, now I myself made a bossfight, really should do it more, it IS fun! I made a 2.5D game just because I really like the style of it! It has a weird, unique thing to it so when it was jam time I thought, why not? Wanted to model an arena/colloseum in blender and more stuff but ofcourse I ran out of time, but yeah, that's why… And then for the other feedback, I know the movement is slippery it's just that i suddenly can't make a platformer control anymore, for some reason it just doesn't work anymore :p need to learn the basics again, the collision bug has probably something to do with the quick movement of the hands and weird Rigidbody options, for the sfx, I first didn't want to do it, but for some reason I read the rules that for a Ranked entry you can't even use OpenSource stuff, apperently you can… eh… Thank you for playing my game! I hope you liked it! @DaFluffyPotato Ooh never played Kirby before but that bossfight looks cool! The attacks are so diverse from that fight, thank you for the nice comments btw, the reason for no modeled arena was A) no time left when wanting to do it and B) for some reason I thought you couldn't use OpenSource models/sounds for a Ranked entry, I know the controls were weird, I'm used to making movement controls in Unity2D, not 3D, and for some reason stuff that works well in 2D doesn't work in 3D… eh, an attack where you needed to jump would be cool! To bad I didn't think of that…. thank you for playing! Hope you enjoyed it!

 • 4 years ago • 

The gameplay is very rough but playable nontheless. The boss attacks are simple but work as intended. The 2.5D approach is good, but it's not very cohesive in artstyle. Good try!

 • 4 years ago • 

Boss battles didn't spring to my mind from the theme, probably because they are often quite asymmetrical. The "David" vs. Goliath angle works though, it is technically a duel despite the uneven odds.

Now, for 14 hours this must have been quite the struggle to get together and it shows. There are rough edges aplenty with the visuals and controls as others have already pointed out. I'll stress that the extremely short music loop, with it's high pitch bleeps is very irritating. The battle itself isn't that original either, a boss with a floating head and floating hands is, for instance, a SNES mainstay.

Ideas, ideas… I'd actually preferer to go full on biblical and use a sling instead of a sword. At the moment it is trivial to get up to Goliath's face and tear him a new one. The sling could have limited ammunition or just a single stone which you'd have to go and pick up after each hurl. Of course, hitting a hand stops the stone, so timing and accuracy are everything.

Right, that would be a different project altogether. You quickly finished a project which works, that's great. The result is iffy in places, the scores reflect that.

Overall: Below Average (4.0)
Graphics: Above Average (6.0)
Audio: Terrible (2.0)
Gameplay: Bad (3.0)
Originality: Bad (3.0)
Theme: Above Average (6.0)

  • 4 years ago • 

@HuvaaKoodia yeah I understand every point of critique, never made music myself before and since OpenSource isn't allowed I had to make something myself that is terrible, the slingshot thing I tried for about 10 minutes but I just dropped it due to time constraints, that goes for everything else, controls, etc are indeed rough… I never had an SNES or anything like that, i'm from a generation after that and I didn't even know that boss-type was so overused, to bad but thank you for playing! Hope you somewhat enjoyed it! @Baguetteness I really did harm myself with that 2.5D stuff didn't I? It would indeed be better to go full 2D, just thought I could model some cool stuff and have fun shaders/lights and fun Camera shots but eh, time, time, time…. thank you for playing! Hope you enjoyed it!

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