Duel, but you're not dueling

Two silly gentlepersons are planning a duel to death. You want none of that but nonetheless volunteered to handle countdown.

Play through 6 duels, and count down in beat to the tune by pressing Space. You get score based on your accuracy.

Made in less than 1½ hours!


Duel, but you're not dueling, you're doing the countdown


Windows executable



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2 months ago

Accuracy score: 10600

You should open this for high scores.
Pretty slick for 90 minutes of dev. The audio / timed hits are fun, I love that kind of thing.
Jam on!

2 months ago

O hey, I "won".

This is fairly impressive for 90 minutes. This was actually one of the ideas that crossed my mind when I was stuck thinking about the theme for the first 2 hours. I wish the rhythm SFX would start during the countdown since it usually took a bit for me to get on rhythm, but other than that, the game is pretty fun for being made in 90 minutes.

2 months ago

Not bad, not bad at all, well… The graphics are technically bad, but utterly charming!

Winning is quite easy, there should be a bigger penalty for missing a beat. Complicating matters, at least for me, hitting the beats when the tempo get high is nearly impossible. The dude seems to completely lock up, despite spamming the space bar. Maybe there is some sort of a hidden delay between tries? A bug? Idk.

For a quick little thing this is not bad, not bad at all, well…

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