The Last Ace

Become the Last Ace by proving yourself against the best pilots around!

Key Action
Arrow keys Fly the plane
Space Flip the plane
Left ctrl Shoot
Left shift Drop bomb
Q Open pause menu

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This game entered in the Team competition (19 entries).


Become the Last Ace by proving yourself against the best pilots around!


Source WebGL Windows



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Comments (12)

3 months ago

A nice take on a classic mechanic.

The ratio of plane speed vs. the camera positioning allied with placement of the objectives made it more complicated to play than it should be

3 months ago

Button placement could've been much better. VERY well polished controls aside from that, really enjoyed this entry.

3 months ago

That was fun! I really like the scene transitioning.
Gameplay-wise it was simple, but fun, just like it should be. I like the added mechanics of spacebar plane flip, even though it caused me to misfire and bomb myself a couple of times.

Unfortunatly I never lasted long enough to find any enemy airplanes :/

3 months ago

This is so smooth i love it

3 months ago

It was very fun, I had some problems with the controls though, they A) didn't seem logical to me (but I have a AZERTY keyboard, maybe that's why) but my left hand was in a weird position when playing… And B) On a mac, pressing Ctrl and Up-Arrow makes you quit the browser and get into an overview of all the open programs… And then I also found that you needed to fly to long before you reached enemy jets or enemy camps… This may seem like a lot of critique but don't worry, the game itself is super fun! Just a little rough around the edges like all jam games (including mine, especially mine)

3 months ago

The game is a little hard but the plane is very nice to control :)

3 months ago

I really enjoyed, didn't manager to get past the yellow baron though, the flying and turning was pretty fun, for some reason kept getting confused about the keys and turning and bombing myself out of the air, art,sound and gampleay all fit nicely, a good time.

3 months ago

Really good game. It feels really good to fly the plane. And good difficulty also.

3 months ago

There's a lot of content which is quite impressive ! The UI is really nice and the mechanics are quite advanced even if I struggled a lot with the controls (maybe controller support could help with that). The sfx and the graphics are pretty good too ! Some music during the levels would have been nice.

Overall this is a solid and well polished entry and it was enjoyable even if I sucked really bad. Good job !

3 months ago

Super smooth controls, lovely graphics, great gameplay, this game has it all! My favourite entry so far, even though it's not really my type of game and I didn't get very far.

A bit annoying that you have to re-do your bombing run if, by sheer bad luck, you're already on a collision course with the Yellow Baron at the moment he appears.

3 months ago

Huzzaa! I got a medal, peculiarly with two swords in it, for crashing into the Yellow Baron thrice, bombing two bridges and the Red Baron, as well as seing the Black Baron crash into a hill… Huzzaa!

The audio-visuals are very nice, you sure put sprite shapes into good use. The flight model is competent, although I'd prefer more stalling when flying upwards and a higher downward pull when moving slowly or upside down. Accidentally bombing your own plane is too funny!

About the only issue I found with the interactivity is in the very first mission. As thomastc points out, colliding with another plane in 2D is quite likely so I too had to redo the boring bombing run multiple times.

Originality and theme aren't that strong this time as the concept is as old as triplanes and the duels aren't the central focus of the missions. I don't really care though, it is a proper good job overall.

Overall: Good (7.0)
Graphics: Great (8.0)
Audio: Great (8.0)
Gameplay: Good (7.0)
Originality: Average (5.0)
Theme: Above Average (6.0)

3 months ago

The first time playing the game, after reading the instructions I pressed quit as it was the only button available expecting to close the menu. After that I kind of sucked moving the plane and always killed myself with my own bombs :/. Lose the interest very fast seeing it was not about a duel right away. But gameplay wise looks interesting!

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