Button Cat Fantastic: Sign Extravaganza Time

Challenge an adversary to a family-friendly duel of time estimation. Sensei Button Cat will guide you both to enlightenment. There is no need to fight, yet winner takes it all.


A to press left button
L to press right button

Tutorial included

Developers comments

Had to work quick and 13 hours is all it took. The programming side was done in mere few hours so enough time was left for graphics, polish and even audio! A friendo helped with the idea and the near authentic meows, I did the less authentic ones.

Made with Godot.

Font: Hiroshio by Em Nazar

Comments (12)

 • 1 year ago • 

Interesting idea but I can't seem to get the button presses to register? Chrome on Mac.

  • 1 year ago • 


That is strange. On Linux the input works in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. I cannot test on other machines unfortunately.

It could be a focus issue, but I'm sure you already tried clicking the window. Do you have time to test another browser?

 • 1 year ago • 

I'll try and do a round of reviews on my Windows desktop at home later tonight. I'll let you know if it worked on that.

(Both Safari and Firefox on my Mac gave a "abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info." error at startup)

 • 1 year ago • 

This game has a very fun idea! I did this with my brouther when we were young, someone times let's say 12 seconds and the other one needs to say "STOP" when he thought it was 12 seconds, it's really polished with the art and sound, well done!

 • 1 year ago • edited • 

Hmmm. Game does not seem to respond to button presses (Chrome/Mac). Doesn't run in Firefox/Mac. Am I doing something wrong?

Update: I found out what I was doing wrong: You need to press shift together with A and L for the game to register. (somewhat unintuitive).

Anyway, cool concept. I can imagine this as a party game.

  • 1 year ago • 


Thanks. I'd played this before too, back in the day, in a group with one person taking time for a full minute and others, eyes closed, raising a hand to signify their timing. At a longer time scale the human internal clock is not very relable, we found.


Godot HTML5 export seems to have many issues on Mac it seems. Nothing I can do about that, unfortunately, apart from uploading an untested Mac build to Itch.io, so there's that. Unity doesn't have these issues, harumph.

Thanks for playing and finding a workaround.

 • 1 year ago • 

I guess this is a pretty good game for 13 hours of work.

The graphics and animation are pretty nice although I'm not a big fan of the bagillion signs. Overall it feels a bit flat but I guess that's due to the time constraints.

The sfx are somewhat funny however it's pretty much always the same thing and gets quite repetitive. They're also not very informative about the gameplay. A kind of quick bip sound at the begining of the round would have been nice. Right now it's a bit confusing to figure out exactly when the timer started. It also feels a bit empty without music. It's doesn't take very long to find some royalty free track and it could have been a nice addition.

The gameplays works but it isn't the most riveting. I guess I figured out something new about myself : I'm not that good at counting seconds.

You went for unranked but I'm going to try out your style of review anyway :

Overall: Below Average (4.0)
Graphics: Pretty good (7.0)
Audio: Below Average (4.0)
Gameplay: Bad (2.0)
Originality: Below Average (4.0)
Theme: Good (7.0)

  • 1 year ago • 


Thanks for the ratings. Even though this was made on Monday, thus being unranked, it warms my heart to see someone try public ratings!

A separate sound for GO! time is a good idea. I decided against music as it would give a tempo to follow or be completely confusing. It could work between the rounds of course, some sort of silly tune to go with the silly toon.

Thanks for playing.

 • 1 year ago • 

Moooore Godot! FWIW, it works fine on Chrome for Windows. The web export of Godot is unfortunately not exactly production-ready yet :(

This is super cute and has the best sound effects I've heard in this jam so far. Graphics are simple but well done and very consistent. It just all fits together very well.

On the first playthrough I read "6 s" as "65" and assumed it was 65 seconds, thinking that this was going to be a very boring game. Probably I'm the only one who misread it like that, but maybe you could write "sec", "secs" or "seconds".

Edit: replying to the comments above, you could add a small bell sound at the start, the kind of bell a cat would wear.

 • 1 year ago • 

This was pretty fun, simple idea, cute cat drawings. Signs! Nice work. I found it was very easy to get another person to play with me with this mechanic, so simplisity worked out well for accessablilty.

The sign font is a bit hard to read but I figured maybe cat wrote it so I can't complain.

 • 1 year ago • 

Loved this, I really wish it was a jam entry. Really had fun.

 • 1 year ago • 

Very nice

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