Stealth Squad

A Short Turn Based Strategy Game for Alakajam 2.

Navigate Your Squad through Alien Environment to find the mysterious artifact and then Back Out To Complete the Mission.

When one of your characters is selected (you will see a flashing square around him) you can move with Arrow Keys, or Push Attack button to go to attack mode - i.e. click on a visible enemy to shoot. You need line of sight to the enemy you are trying to fire at.

A bit buggy still I think, things went a bit south towards the end with the path finding but didn't have time to fix it.

Will upload a webgl and Mac/Linux versions soon

The GUI is a bit unintuitive - Click on one of your yellow guys (shoud show white square highlight) click 'Attack' Button - click on an enemy to shoot it. When one of your soldiers is highlighted you can use arrow keys to move.

I uploaded a gif as some kind of lazy tutorial :)

I was testing mainly in 1280 X 720 resolution. If you use a different one the panels at the bottom might end up a bit squashed.

Post Jam edit
-25/02/2018 - 20:35

  • Fixed a couple of game breaking bugs introduced at the end, also a couple of balance changes because it seems to be unbeatable, it actually might still be - if sorry about that :P (Edit - Nope I managed to finish it myself finally :D )

-26/02/2018 - 00:45
Found another game breaking bug (it would crash if you killed a certain enemy :D) Thats it I hope
Also Uploaded Web Version

-27/02/2018 - 00:39
Added mac and linux builds to itch page, no changes

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Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago

Hey man! So, I tried playing it, but the GUI was sorta messed up (maybe because of the resolution) and my players wouldn't attack the enemies. Nice concept though.

a year ago

@caiqueassis Thanks for trying anyway. For some resolution things might end up a bit squashed yes, best at 1280 X 720. I think mainly its just my unintuitive UI which stopped you attacking stuff. I updated the description and added a gif, to try and make things clearer in case you feel like trying again. I also added a web version running in the resolution i tested most.

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago

Hey! I could play it now.

Now that I understand the game, it was a lot nicer. Very hard though! But the sense of tension is really great. When I was with my last man stading, I decide to go through the bottom corner and sneak up on the enemies. Oooh, that was my error….when I turned the corner, the enemy turn began (because my points depleted with the movement) and one big enemy one shotted the rest of my life xD

That was quick, but very fun though. This could go places if it was more polished / had more feedback and so on! And the music is quite atmospheric. Good job!

a year ago

Nice I was able to complete the mission :)

Took me a while to understand how the game worked but after that it was pretty fun.
The music fits in well and it even made me be more cautious

a year ago

Finished the mission with the last lazer pistol trooper who was down to 2 hp. Pretty intense!

Reminds me of Laser squad, a clear inspiration of yours taken the name. It's been a while since I played it so cannot compare in detail. I'm pretty sure enemy interrupts (overwatch basically) only came about in UFO…

The graphics are crude, but serviceable. The ambient audio fits well, sound effects are lacking. The interactivity is very basic. Reloading would have been a nice addition to highten the tension even further.

A key UI feature missing is the ability to move the camera when attacking. Currently it is possible to shoot very far horizontally, but vertically the GUI obstructs the view.

The GUI itself is massive. The information panel is somewhat efficient in its space usage, but the two others are filled with empty space. There's no need for that. Additionally right mouse button could be a hotkey for attack to simplify things even more.

I like it, but the individual categories do take hits.

Overall: 7 (Good)
Graphics: 3 (Bad)
Audio: 7 (Good)
Gameplay: 4 (Below average)
Originality: 3 (Bad)
Theme: 7 (Good)
Nostalgia: 10 (A trip down memory lane!)

a year ago

The music is nice and appropriate for this game. I finished the game even if I had to kill every enemy to understand that I need to go back to the start.
I think the two button for attack and move wasn't usefull. You could have used this place to show the actions left so the information could have been bigger.
It took me 3/4 of the level to understand that each player had different weapon that make them more or less better at long/short range.
But well done overall ;)

a year ago

Very fun. My first play through was a disaster. My second was mission complete. I found a nice formation with the lazer pistol men as expendable scouts with cover fire from the assult rifle and sniper troppers.

I feel like the sniper rifle shouldn't get as many shots (use 2 action points per shot) as the others. while the assult rifle should get more shots (2 shots per action point) with less accuracy. But i had fun playing.

the art was simple yet functional. Maybe it would be better if each sprite had an indicator to show their weapon. I walso liked the steaming corpses.

The alien dogs attack seemed OP. They were the scariest bad guy.

The Music was a good fit and pew pew sound effects were fun.

a year ago

Nice gameplay, it's a hard game but not unfair. A good job for a single person and only 48h ;)

(@OatMealPal) • a year ago

Aye, this game was pretty fun! At first I didn't understand what was going on, but I understood two seconds later, and had a lot of fun playing it. It's tough, but it's not too tough. Well done! :D

a year ago

@HuvaaKoodia yes indeed lazer squad (at least the old c64 version i played) was a big influence, I would have mentioned it but I didn't think anyone else would have heard of it ;). Thanks for the detailed and honest feedback, in all honesty its really only about half done, I had planned to add additional actions like reload, grenades, health packs, weapon specific abilities, scrolling camera, mouse to move instead of arrow keys etc. etc. The whole experience needs some work to make it more playable. Probably I willmake a postjam version to polish it up a bit and add a couple of the more obviously missing features. Glad you enjoyed it for nostalgia at least. @James_Deans_Jeans I had intended to have varying action point costs for different things, but left it out because i was worried of introducing more bugs that i didn't have time to fix :D. Maybe in a postjam version.

a year ago

Not exactly original, but good fun. It is pretty easy once you get it, though. In particular, just make sure you have enough action points left to duck back behind a wall before your turn ends.

A bit annoying that the enemy's turn takes so long. Maybe you should speed up all movement that happens offscreen. This made trying to find the back door really tedious, especially when it turned out there wasn't any ;)

It would be nice if you could see what your field of view was, i.e. add some "fog of war" by darkening the tiles that you can't see. I got the impression I could sometimes see aliens that I wasn't supposed to (I couldn't shoot them with any of my guys because "no line of sight").

I like the background track, but the sound effects don't fit in well with it. The sprites are coherent and a bit '80s style, but the UI looks more modern and a bit out of place.

Overall, nice game!

a year ago

@thomastc ah i see you found the loophole in my 'ai' in that they only see things on their turn. Seems like you also found a bug i hadn't noticed in the alien visibility. Fog of war and faster enemy turns were on the feature list that I ran out of time for, its true the bfxr low res sfx probably don't fit with the more modern sounding background music. I had not really thought about it. Same for UI style against main game. So many things to fix for a postjam version.

a year ago

Phew, made it in the first try! I think I just got lucky. The atmosphere is excellent. The UI could be improved, and it would be nice to be able to see the entire map. Overwll, well done!

a year ago

Great mood-inducing music. I had difficulties with movements at first, then liked the strategic possibilities a lot. Aliens still crushed me, mind you! How was the theme addressed? Maybe I did not go far enought to notice it. Also, you coded some enemies behaviors, which is great in a short-timed jam!

a year ago

@oparisy thanks for playing, the theme part is that you can only see the enemies (and they can only see you) when you have a line of sight thats not blocked by walls. I actually meant to make the theme more obvious by hiding areas of the map you hadn't seen yet also, although as in that version you can't scroll the map position, it almost has the same effect, so lets call that a feature ;).

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