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Laguna • 4 months ago on 14th Kajam 

The Theme for the fourteenth Kajam is “Modding”. This relaxed, month-long event will start on the fifth of January 2024 and last until the fourth of February 2024. There will be no ratings for this Kajam.

What does “Modding” mean?

Video game modding (short for "modification") is the process of alteration by players or fans of one or more aspects of a video game. This can include full conversions, gameplay changes, changes to the game’s content, e.g. textures, maps or configuration files.
While a lot of developers aim at building their own game from scratch, many have started out by modding their most favorite game.

This Kajam is all about modding.
Pick any of the games you enjoyed playing and get creative. Can you add a new quest to that RPG? Or add a new map for players to enjoy? Perhaps there is a character model that you always wanted to see in that game? Or you can create a new gameplay system for any of the classic games? Let’s have some fun while creating and playing mods together!

What are the rules?

For this Kajam you can work solo or in a team.
You have four weeks to create and submit your entry, starting on the fifth of January 2024, ending on the fourth of February 2024.
Every game that you can legally mod is allowed and the use of third party assets is also allowed. You can even mod any of your own games!

Detailed rules here

Now, start your engines and join this Kajam!

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