Shut The Fuck Up

Devmania 2014. Theme: Memes

Shut The Fuck Up has been developed for the Devmania 2014 Overnight Contest (2014-10-04 to 2014-10-05 within 19hours). It is a running Game in which you jump over roofs and houses and have to fight enemies by throwing "take my Money" at them.

Shut The Fuck Up offers retro graphic and a full soundtrack as well as sfx and recorded shouts.


  • Return - Start Game
  • Space - Jump
  • LeftAlt - Throw Money

Shut The Fuck Up was developed in Unity while using SVN, Graphics Gale, Photoshop and Cubase 5 and SFXR for Sounds. It was created by Clemens "ClayManZ" Schädig (Programming, VoxSamples), Lisa "Drako" Zumblick (Graphics) and Simon "Laguna" Weis (Programming, Music, SFX).

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