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Tricky Tractor was developed for FrankenGameJam 2020. This would have been an on-site event in 5 cities in Franconia , but due to the pandemic it was decided to do an online event.
This game was created by Synchronleuchter (coding, levels), xXBloodyOrange (graphics, levels), adkiem (music) and Laguna (coding) within 48 hours (plus some small bugfixes after the jam).

The game is developed in c++ using a self-written JamTemplate framework, that uses SFML.

Original description
Retrieve the yellow power crystal from the underground caverns with your tractor beam! Do not break the crystal by smashing it against walls, don't let it touch snow and beware the evil green crystals blocking your tractor beam!


Mouse Left/Right: Move tractor beam

Left Click: Hold to fire tractor beam

L: (Un-)LockMouse to screen

Esc: Back to Menu

The Windows version might require you to install OpenAL, which you can find here.
The linux version was compiled on Ubuntu18.04 with SFML 2.4. If you have a different distro, this might not run natively on linux due to various reasons.

Note: This game is speedrunner friendly, so please feel free to post your times in the comment sections. The times are be displayed in the main menu during level selection.

Comments (2)

 • 2 years ago • 

Thanks for the hotlink to the OAL install, my PC didn't have it.

I didnt understand that the green things were causing the ore to fall at first, I can barely see the green beam. Maybe some downward particles, kind of like how Mario Galaxy shows reversed gravity in some levels? Sorry, I'm not too sure whether it's blocking my beam or just increasing gravity. I had the impression it increased gravity.

I would have like a pause screen or something, that unlocks my mouse so I can access other windows without the game thinking Im playing it. I like the art style, very crunchy. I also liked that I could select levels, I had to skip one because it was too difficult for me!

I wish I knew how fast was too fast for the crystal before it gets damaged, some kind of indication that I can look for to make sure it won't take damage at the speed it's going.

Overall, I think it's a good game, and has some potential for interesting levels. I would have liked maybe an arrow keys/space bar control scheme, and maybe a full-screen mode. The game becomes a bit tiresome after playing it, I feeling pretty burnt out on it already, somehow!

I really want to fling this stupid crystal around lol, and take my anger out. Could be an interesting level idea! Fling bombs around to destroy obstacles blocking the crystals path. Then you have both "Dont hit the wall" and "definitely hit the wall" types of fun for the game, could be interesting!

 • 2 years ago • 

I downloaded OpenAL from the link you provided, but I was not able to run the game. I got an error about something related to VCRUNTIME. I'm on Windows 10 and I don't do any development work on this machine so I guess I'm missing some other things in order to run your game.

Personally for a jam game, I prefer making browser games since I'm sure it'll run on people's machines, and it's the easiest for players to get into (since there's no download required). Requiring a download of your game, and a download of OpenAL, and (in my case) getting an error is a significant barrier to entry that'll deter a lot of people from rating your game (in jams) or giving you feedback here.

That's my experience at least, thought I'd share

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