Alchemy Guy

Alchemy ingredient gathering

Gather different ingredients by using your Crossbow/Sickle and create the recipes on the altar. That's what alchemy guys do.
Controls are like any shooter: WASD/Arrows to move, Mouse to look, Shift to run, LMB to attack(gather)
You can find info about how many shots in the crossbow you have in the bottom of the screen, as well as what your next alchemy recipe is and how many ingredients you have.

Alchemy Guy is a game that has been created for #alakajam in September 2017.
All content was created originally during the jam, unless the soundeffects, which have been taken from freesounds and have been credited in the menu.

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This game entered in the Team competition (16 entries).

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 • 6 years ago • 

I liked that the coal was kinda hidden away, also having an easy and a hard path to wind was pretty cool.
Not having any variance after collecting an element once makes it more of a fetch quest at that point though.

 • 6 years ago • 

The art is nice but I've not been able to craft any potion. The mood is amazing :)

 • 6 years ago • 

I like the sound effects (well chosen, if you will) and the subtle texture on the walls and floor. But after collecting a whole bunch of ingredients (it wasn't immediately clear that a crossbow was for collecting, rather than killing!), it took me a while to figure out how to craft anything. Apparently you just step onto the shiny thing?

 • 6 years ago • 

I played up to the tenth potion, in hope there would be some kind of climax… however, it seemed the potions were just randomly generated and there was no end. The shame is, it got a bit boring, so an ending would have at least stopped the player getting bored repeating the same thing. However, nice use of things like motion blur and lighting to give a decent feel and ambience to the game.

 • 6 years ago • 

The level was well thought out, with dificult jumps in high locations (thankfully, no fall damage). whould have been nice to have more to shoot with the crossbow. Very ambicious effort. good job.

 • 6 years ago • 

I found it a bit boring. Sorry

 • 6 years ago • 

i actually can't run the web version… my chrome freeze as the game loaded. weird.

  • 6 years ago • 

Thx for all the Feedback. We really appreciate that!

@bombjack you can step on the altar (the glowing block) to craft potions.

@James_Deans_Jeans you can collect the ammo that is placed throughout the level (elongated brown blocks) to get more shots for the crossbow.

@wizcas Sorry to hear that. It is the normal unity webgl export. If possible, please try the windows version.

@Haoron Normally I would not care, but since I saw some of your comments on othe entries, please remeber this:

It is totally ok to just vote and leave no comment. Comments should be there to encourage people. Thanks.

 • 6 years ago • 

@Laguna yeah , sorry about that, i couldn`t say anything specific about your game, it was just boring to me. Sometimes i write things that come to my mind

 • 6 years ago • 

It was fun to move around although strafejumping did not seem to work. :( At least there was some air control. At first, I didn't realize the collecting system. I thought I had to jump to the black sphere from the top level. AIEEE! And the collectibles updated! (Yes, I realized later that it's enough to be on the top level, no need to perform crazy stunt jumps.)

It was a bit hard to read the texts, as their color was too similar to the dark floor color.

I feel like everything spawned a bit too quickly (although the types seemed to have a bit different respawn intervals). I ended up just going to a high place where I can see all types, sit on an ammunition spawn, and snipe lots of everything. Then I just went to jump on top of the altar (I had to jump to update the collected number).

In addition to respawn times, this camping could be prevented with a different level design where all types cannot be seen from a single spot. It would have forced me to move around and be more active. There could also be some additional pressure such as perhaps enemies or a time limit. Or if you want to keep it enemyless, something else that keeps one playing. (Okay, I know, look who's talking..)

I collected 50 recipes but there didn't seem to be any prizes for that. I would have wanted a super magic potion that I could have used for something magnificent. :D

 • 6 years ago • 

I really liked the controls and the audio. Sadly there was little to no variation after completing a single potion. Could have been an ingredient you can only collect with a crossbow, or a long jump. Also, the "quest" text (for the potion) was not very visible, and often blended with the background. It was sometimes hard to see.

 • 6 years ago • 

I stopped after making 7 potions, due to being stuck because the coal didn't seem to respawn. Maybe I have missed something?

Anyway, this game is a good example to show that minimal graphics can still yield a good atmosphere. You managed to use the level design, ambient sounds and some visual effects to make this abstract place interesting to explore and interact with. For a first-time switch to 3D this is great!

The dual weapon thing was interesting, and the crossbow fun to use (cool 3D model btw). An issue though is it took me a lot of trial and error to figure out what it was made for, and to understand that brown rectangles are collectible arrows.

Unity tip: in the Canvas component, there is a setting to make the UI scale with the size of the screen. Without it, in my resolution the text was extremely small.

What else… Unlike others I didn't have issues understanding how crafting worked. Also finding the coal in that hidden place was a cool moment.

Now without an ending, or really any challenge actually, the game does feel unfinished as you already know. Too bad you only had 10 hours to make it, now I'm curious what you would have gotten in a whole week-end!

 • 6 years ago • 

I enjoyed the challenge of moving around the level a searching for the ingredients. I think I would have enjoyed it more if there was some feedback when a potion was crafted.
Thank you for sharing this!

 • 6 years ago • 

Nice parkour levels, I like a good layered out platformer once in a while.
It's a shame that you didn't added a nice soothing music to go with it. (It didn't affected my vote in any way) it's a super relaxing experience and I liked it instead of going the action FPS kind of thing.
The walls are a bit bland, it does give you a feeling of sanctuary, which is not bad at all, like our own private garden or something. I'm not sure where I put myself into that. I had some trouble moving around because I had a bit of trouble seeing where were the platforms.

Nice jam guys! Hope you had fun going with your game.

 • 6 years ago • 

I agree with most comments on most things. Here's a quick rundown anyways.

There is little to do and no challenge, so it is not that interesting to play. This is a skeleton lacking the flesh and squishy bits. Where did that analogy come from?

The graphics are overly simple. When I see standard cubes I know we are dealing with placeholders. The motion blur gave me a slight headache.

Some originality points for collecting objects by shooting them. Other than that theme and originality aren't riding that high.

Sure, you only had 10 hours and used a 3D engine for the first time, but there is no mercy in the scoring business! It is a serious business indeed.

O 3, G 3, A -, G 3, O 3, T 3

 • 6 years ago • 

Hi! We played your game with Danae on this twitch channel, and now the video is available on YouTube. Feel free to check it out :)

Danae plays: Alchemy Guy

(sorry, the overlay says we are playing a different game, oops)

 • 6 years ago • 

What, there was a sickle? Ah yes the game did say [1,2] were valid buttons, shame on me for not trying them!

I like the level design. At first I didn't understand why I couldn't pick up the long stick thing (I guess it respawned quick enough for me to think I didn't get it) - but when I spotted the ammunition label in the corner, it dawned on me. Nice idea with the resource gathering,! The only issue is that if you use your crossbow you don't really need to move about that much, rendering the level design less important.

Would be cool to get something from the crafting, but that's fine for a jam game. Also the music/sound gave the whole thing a nice atmosphere and mood!

 • 6 years ago • 

Interesting game, though I couldn't find an alter. I included it in my Alakajam #1 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

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