Gemga was our entry to the FrankenGamejam 2021, which was happeneing (and co-organized by me) in early November this year.
Our team was quite big (even bigger than I feel normally comfortable with) but we managed to finish the jam without major blocks or merge conflicts.

We went for a physics based arcade game, where you need to stack gems onto a platform. The whole thing gets more and more wobbly over time.

Post Jam Version

This is the improved post-jam version, which offers

  • increased physical stability
  • highscore screen (saved only locally)
  • improved audio
  • to save a video of your tower (web only) -> please feel free to share your videos in the comments.

Original submission text

FankenGameJam 2021! Check out this FrankenGameGem where you grow your tower of gems falling from the sky! Catch them with your ever-growing abomination of wobbly corundum goodness and see how high you can build! The sky's (not) the limit! 😉


  • A, D (or left and right arrows): Move platform
  • Q,E: Rotate gem
    (hint: there are some hidden cheat comands)

Comments (3)

 • 2 years ago • 

Neat, simple game concept.
The music fits the game well and the visuals are pretty polished.
Absolutely dig the gem sparkling and the background art.
I think the game relies too much on the strafing outside of bounds to have gems still stuck to the side. Having gems stuck outside of view feels like luck a lot of the time.
If you plan on releasing the game, i'd say the placement indicator could use some additional polish - the transparent solution is absolutely a-ok as is - but it's something that could be interated on.
Gameplay wise it would be neat if there were some additional elements to keep track of, instead of soley the gem stacking. The game starts too feel interesting once the tower and thus the stakes are stacked high, but the early game lacks excitement - it would be cool if there was something which would push you to the midgame earlier.

Great work though!

 • 2 years ago • 

Very soothing music and art style. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the general game feel, the wonky physics and the slow movement of my bar doesn't really let me enjoy the experience, because I don't feel like I have enough control over what's happening. Have a look at Tricky Towers on how one can combine physics with trying to build something - I am sure there is a lot of tweaking needed.

By the way, using Firefox, and whenever the game ends, the game wants me to download some output.png.

 • 2 years ago • 

I quite liked this! The visuals were nice, im normally a bit annoyed by rotated pixelart where lines break, but it works well for the gems. I kept thinking I was playing frog fractions and was missing the secret, but after you confirmed on discord that I'd Seen It All I felt happy to stop at 4240. I'd like some challenge or extra gameplay, but really I was happy with this as is. Thank you for submitting the game!

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